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  1. such a small bit for QRI!!! blah, wanted more with her. And no Areum!? oh well, wish they had more episodes
  2. Here is a link to a pic of the song from teh video: http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t361/an_AutoPILOT/sexylove-fromstarlifetheaterep3.jpg
  3. haha Jiyeon at 10:40 - haha that is soo cute!!! and the Wild Roses fan signing when her dad came to say see her, such a great moment (soo sad, the dad was holding back tears as he left).
  4. haha that is one crazy iphone cover with a tinker bell man she is gorgeous, melts my heart
  5. I think its just Boram and her mom (not certain though). Can't wait to see how they are all living now.
  6. haha yeah. kinda wish the camera panned to follow so I could see their faces when they noticed they went the wrong way
  7. If you pay a close enough attention, at the beginning of that part with Hyomin and Jiyeon, I think you see Eunjung's face for a split second (sitting across from Jiyeon). Anyways, It looks like its a collection of footage in there, some from a bit ago, and a lot of it more recent. So we'll see (who knows maybe some of them still live together) Rambo's laugh was adorable! man I love this girls
  8. hmm, I really like Hyomin's hair color now, the bright pink was unique, but it looks amazing now . I think Eunjung's hair is more like a brownish with frosted tips, and it looks fine on her. ahh they all look good! Get better soon Jiyeon!!!
  9. Yay for them! I like the pic. Can't wait to see the subbed vid of this
  10. In the quick news, they posted about Jiyeon getting injured (something with the nose) - http://www.tiaradiad...showtopic=22329 because of this she was replaced. Hope she recovers quickly from it
  11. Thanks for the translation kondo. Just curious if anyone knows what that thing was with soyeon and hyomin before the end. I couldn't follow it haha.
  12. I can't wait to here the arrangement for DBD and Don't Leave with a 70 person orchestra behind them!!! Super sad about Jiyeon though. Hope she recovers well from that injury.
  13. Yeah, can't wait to see how the choreo will look with 8 of them. Wonder what formations they will use. I was trying to find a link, good thing you did:)
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