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  1. Si veo que el templo es muy dificil de hacer hago un tori con la serpiente enroscada y listo -.- Y si hago una serpiente representando uno?

  2. Mayuyus que leen libros sobre cerdos (????) http://t.co/cOupxttd

  3. Esk os largaba a todos los subnormales que participasteis en esa manifestación de una patada fuera del pais

  4. Y todo por imbécil ;___;

  5. Iba preciosa hoy en el doblaje <333 Tiene unas piernas perfectas <3333333333 *se desangra x la nariz* http://t.co/RSY9JXRK

  6. Ahora Tristiano Ronaldo va a cobrar 15 millones en vez de 10 xk es comprensible que alguien esté triste si solo cobra 10 millones de euros

  7. Los tomos 5 y 6 de Blue Exorcist que me compré ayer http://t.co/vhN0MosW

  8. T-ara is amazing!! I want to see them in a concert someday
  9. I´m happy to see that their are having a great success in Japan ^^
  10. She´s so cute, but well, I don´t understand why is her participating in this events if she want debut until december
  11. I hope that she continue working hard in the future for T-ara, even if it is difficult for her, but the fans support her
  12. I can´t wait to listen Sexy Love and watch the new MV ^^ I´m sure that this will be another success in T-ara´s career
  13. I´m so worried about this T__T Why I have this bad feeling? I hope that this announcement would be only an apologize or something like that..
  14. Why is Hyomin crying? I don´t want to see them in that way..I hope she´s crying for happiness
  15. Thank you so much for the link to download the rar file ^^ They were so pretty in this performance
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