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  1. kyaa super cute baby dino jiyeon she looks so cute with short haircut
  2. omg they are so kind.. that's why i love our girls. keep humble, Queen's of Indonesia love you girls
  3. love jiyeon's style, our dino is so cool haha
  4. oh my god i really love her style, god of fashion! daebak
  5. kyaa minnie so cute with her red hair, love love love
  6. thank you so much for sharing this video ohh can't wait for Eng. subs.. really want to know what did they said
  7. wow, unique! really love jiyeon in this photo *as usual LOL
  8. thank you so much for sharing so sexy!
  9. ommo~ they looks so pretty with that white dresses europe fans was so lucky
  10. aww thx for sharing, they looks awesome! especially Hyomin unnie
  11. thank you for sharing i love HelloBaby T-ara, and feels happy when i know t-ara still keep communicate with Mason, Mavin and Maden
  12. Hyomin + Wedding dress = Perfect ! great couple btw
  13. Sugoi.. Jiyeon & Soyeon looks hot haha
  14. multitalented woman, that's our hyomin! she's working hard to help Gangkiz
  15. wow thx for sharing.. they look fabulous as always, especially Jiyeon and Hyomin
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