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  1. this is very ridiculous... this bully case never ending make t-ara suffering..
  2. What the f*ck.. Day by day those people just getting fool.. The reason cannot be confirm why eunjung leave and also eunjung didn't know why she have been remove? So which side was wrong? No one can confirm it? K-entertainshit. They boycott everything about t-ara.
  3. They say if eunjung still in drama, people won't watching it? Because eunjung was remove from that drama, no one will watch it!
  4. What the f*ck... What the hell happen to t-ara? Everything mess up. That's just one side decision, how could eunjung didn't know if she have been remove?
  5. Eunjung smile like very happy.. Hope there is no more thing happen behind that smile.
  6. What a pity... But if both of them very busy, something have to sacrifice. im still wait for jiyeon in WGM. Hahaha..
  7. Good decision, if not soyeon will push herself to get that drama. Let her recover and get back with full stamina.
  8. Why everytime t-ara member get press conference about drama, always have reporter asking t-ara situation? First hyomin and then eunjung... Please stop bothering them with stupid question.
  9. what? r u insane? just 2 day rest after car acident? take a break fow a while, if u push ur self all t-ara member will take the effect.
  10. Poor hyomin, eunjung and soyeon. They has been remove from their drama because xxxx issue.. Keep strong nunna..
  11. wow... japan... keep fighting nunna. i hope i can go to japan to watch it
  12. wooram and boram very look a like... both of them really cute in diffrent style
  13. so.. there is no second chance for hwayoung? hope in future she can be better.
  14. Come on still support for t-ara... we must find parties who are not responsible in this case
  15. because of the small problem.. all concert have to be postponed what a pity...
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