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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to xbot in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    <facepalm> CCM.. when are you going to learn. Get proffesional help for public relations!!
    Pachinko is actually more like the game machines in arcades that give you tickets that you can exchange for prizes (dolls, cigarettes etc.) only in the form of silverballs.. It's legally not considered as gambling but illegally you can exchange the silverballs with tokens/coins instead of prizes and usually in the back alleys near every pachinko shop you can "secretly" (though everyone knows) exchange the tokens with hard cash...
    .so legally its not a gambling machine (gambling is officially illegal in Japan) but they are being used by the Japanese underground for gambling. But since it is common knowledge for Japanese (doubt the girls know this) CCM should've known better.
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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to joyce_20176 in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    This is so disgusting, this production team is so cheap and cruel, it should be a gangster/mafia team, stop making drama then. She is innocent, she did nothing wrong, but they threaten her like this, using her for publicity, go behind her back & stab her, so cruel...Is she not a human to them? If they like, they cast her; if they don't like, they kick her and treat her like trash??? They are BULLYING her right now!!!
    I feel so bad for her, nothing can really help her now. OMG Jungie ahh, you got hurt so much and suffer so much in this whole situation. I want to see justice & fairness happen to you soon!!! I can't stand seeing you being tortured like this and it affect your mind and your health ((. I don't want you back in the drama anymore, I don't want you involve with these disgusting people anymore. All I want for you is that you are okay, your health is okay!!!
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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to The Real CZ in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    It's worth it. It may not be worth it for Eunjung's sake alone, but look at the bigger picture. First, the union is attempting to stop this practice, which will not only benefit Eunjung, but future actors and actresses who face a similar problem. Second, having Eunjung reinstated is good for T-ara. This will show that T-ara won't go down without a fight instead of taking xxxx from certain people in the industry.
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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to ichi-diadem in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    The answer about Cho Younghun PD was that he said, 'Voluntarily leave! Or we'll create a withdrawal form' and threatened her." He's pure evil if indeed said that. I hope 5fingers will having a rating drops and fail!!!!! Screw you 5fingers PD!
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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to HiroM4A in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    What? Threaten?? Seriously??? He supposes to be a PD, not a gang member or sth right????
    If Eunjung is going to be back to this drama, removing this PD too.
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    7angelT_araEJ reacted to ericcmusica in [12.08.23] "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"   
    I really do hope KEMA can help eunjung....for what they had done to her...she should not return to the drama anymore even they want her back...who knows later the director will bully her again in the future.....any1 please kindly update the rating of five fingers in the future....tq
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