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  1. T-ara will go here in the PHILIPPINES next year!!!!!!!! OMG i can't wait~~..really excited~ i'll definitely watch this no matter what..lol
  2. stupid haters!! get lost..leave T-ara alone..Queen's were here to show our support and love to our T-ARA...!!!
  3. i really like Qri's new hairstyle...

  4. i really want to cry..this is too much!!!... i really want them to be happy..
  5. im really excited to watch this drama before but now...urghhh!!! it really upset me.. i feel bad to eunjung... i want to see her acting again.... this is too much!!! dont worry eun jung ah... aja!
  6. looking forward to this drama.. eunjung is so beautiful with long hair..
  7. T-ara FIGHTING!!! :))

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