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  1. I'm lurking. Yes, I'm lurking lol after almost 1 year being away. Looking at our old posts it felt so nostalgic to me. Damn I miss those moments. But yeah I'm aging, real life is taking its toll on me, my priorities changed, career comes first. Anyway I will never say goodbye to Diadem and T-ara (even thou they're gonna disband) coz I know I will be back here every once in a while. I won't delete my old posts especially in our Eunyeon thread coz I love 'em damn much. I remember very well how much effort I put in doing the analysis before sharing those investigation and findings on these two byuns lol. I hope those posts will remain in Diadem for our future Queens' reference. 

    Oh well.. why does it feel like a goodbye note? LOL.

  2. I think I'm aging ~.~

  3. I missed a lot of T-ara updates T^T Patiently waiting for September comeback!

  4. This Portal x Forum Integration is damn awesome! Keep up the great work Diadem \o/
  5. Decided to resign from being a moderator at TD due to my excessive bandwidth at work. It was fun working with you guys. Let's keep in contact on Twitter @snaildot :)

  6. I spam this thread on purpose LOL kidding. Blame my snail network. I apologize
  7. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem! Ok this is going to be long. I don't always come out of my closet, but when I do, you'd feel like slapping me LOL /jk/ I first came across T-ara in Jan 2012 and joined this forum six months later, as suggested by a fellow Queen's. Soon after, T-ara involved in that you-know-what controversy and our fandom was such in a chaos. A lot of fansites closed down and the number of T-ara fans dropped quite a lot. Surprisingly, Diadem managed to go thru that chaos and tackled the situation brilliantly. From then on, I had my eyes on our founder - Elly (uhuh). I was impressed by the fact that she's a 93-liner and she opened up Diadem at 15 years old! At this age I think I was still running around school doing prank on my friends To be honest, I even sent a love letter to Elly bahahaha. Okay don't get me wrong I was just tryna express my gratitude to Diadem. I was so happy to be a member of this fansite (the only fansite I allowed myself to be a member) where professionalism comes first. Being in the fandom for more than two years, I witnessed a lot of commotions and realized that Diadem staffs (not only Elly) have strong interpersonal skills. I wont mention each and every one of you, it's gonna be a long list LOL. But really, you guys impressed me damn much *clap clap clap* I had a lot of fun playing in Diadem. Back when I was not that busy with work, Diadem was the first site I open in my browser after turning on my computer. I spent like ten hours everyday browsing thru Diadem threads. Thank you so much to all Diadem staffs for keeping this site alive for five years. I hope I can contribute something to our community by being part of this clan. Sorry that I have limited time to go around moderating the threads as much as I want to. But you guys are welcome anytime to PM me whatever tasks you need help with. Will try my best to get it done ASAP if I have my computer with me. Last but not least... Long live Diadem! \o/
  8. Hi and thanks! XD

  9. Always and forever T-ara in my heart <3

  10. Kyaaaaaaaaaa!! Super in love with this moment! Jiyeon you are such a spoiled brat LOL
  11. M-Queen's, PM me if bminat utk buat bisnes

  12. Just admit it, Number 9 is the best T^T

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