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  1. I'm lurking. Yes, I'm lurking lol after almost 1 year being away. Looking at our old posts it felt so nostalgic to me. Damn I miss those moments. But yeah I'm aging, real life is taking its toll on me, my priorities changed, career comes first. Anyway I will never say goodbye to Diadem and T-ara (even thou they're gonna disband) coz I know I will be back here every once in a while. I won't delete my old posts especially in our Eunyeon thread coz I love 'em damn much. I remember very well how much effort I put in doing the analysis before sharing those investigation and findings on these two byuns lol. I hope those posts will remain in Diadem for our future Queens' reference. 

    Oh well.. why does it feel like a goodbye note? LOL.

  2. I think I'm aging ~.~

  3. I missed a lot of T-ara updates T^T Patiently waiting for September comeback!

  4. Decided to resign from being a moderator at TD due to my excessive bandwidth at work. It was fun working with you guys. Let's keep in contact on Twitter @snaildot :)

  5. Hi and thanks! XD

  6. Always and forever T-ara in my heart <3

  7. M-Queen's, PM me if bminat utk buat bisnes

  8. Just admit it, Number 9 is the best T^T

  9. I'm back! Because of T-ara's Korean comeback \o/

  10. Sorry for my sudden disappearance from Twitter. Life is being crazier than ever with less than 3 hours of sleep per day, less time to play and less time to byun, as a collective result from the increase of my workload, real life events and heart issues (?) I will stay away from Twitter for the time being, to regain my composure and reschedule my life. Would still be checking on Diadem at least once a day to satisfy my crave for T-ara updates. I'll be back on Twitter, one fine day. Don...

    1. Snaildot


      .....Don't miss me much ^^

  11. "I didn't forget. I never can."

  12. My first year anniversary with TD \o/

  13. Let's learn Korean. At least 2 hours per day, 5 times per week. See how far can we go.

  14. The place I usually hang out when having mental breakdown: timetot-ara.blogspot.com. His words can always cure, no matter how many times I've read them T^T

  15. I think... that's just temporary.

  16. It seems better this way.

  17. Park Ji knows how to fold the clothes... and Minnie posted photos in Insta with English captions.. Oh my...

  18. When the only reason for me to stay, is the one causing me to leave. See... if I'm able to stop the rain and rise the sun again...

  19. Time to stop. If we ever (virtually) meet again, I'll give you my words. Take care ^^

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