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Status Updates posted by Snaildot

  1. What else can make me feel alive again, other than Eunjung and Jiyeon? XD

  2. Eunjung takes a good care of her Park Ji T^T

  3. Qri deleted her tweets..

  4. It doesn't feel right to include happy scenes in your writing when you're in despair. Like... doesn't feel right at all..

  5. Heard that Minnie is now on Instagram.. I feel like crying... But I just can't..

  6. Hiatus... Searching for words...

  7. Been looking for the way to change my display name for ages. But still can't find it. Is this option available?

  8. In love with words <3

  9. Hey u! Yes u. I think I like u XD

  10. Naaahhhh... I don't feel like playing with you LOL

  11. AKTF in T-ara, no matter what it is.

  12. Durh! I posted it in a wrong section!

  13. Why are you here? Trying to stalk me? Kyahaha.. No offense. I'm jesting XD

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