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  1. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem!

    Ok this is going to be long. I don't always come out of my closet, but when I do, you'd feel like slapping me LOL /jk/

    I first came across T-ara in Jan 2012 and joined this forum six months later, as suggested by a fellow Queen's. Soon after, T-ara involved in that you-know-what controversy and our fandom was such in a chaos. A lot of fansites closed down and the number of T-ara fans dropped quite a lot. Surprisingly, Diadem managed to go thru that chaos and tackled the situation brilliantly.

    From then on, I had my eyes on our founder - Elly (uhuh). I was impressed by the fact that she's a 93-liner and she opened up Diadem at 15 years old! At this age I think I was still running around school doing prank on my friends :lol:

    To be honest, I even sent a love letter to Elly bahahaha.


    Okay don't get me wrong I was just tryna express my gratitude to Diadem. I was so happy to be a member of this fansite (the only fansite I allowed myself to be a member) where professionalism comes first. Being in the fandom for more than two years, I witnessed a lot of commotions and realized that Diadem staffs (not only Elly) have strong interpersonal skills. I wont mention each and every one of you, it's gonna be a long list LOL. But really, you guys impressed me damn much *clap clap clap*

    I had a lot of fun playing in Diadem. Back when I was not that busy with work, Diadem was the first site I open in my browser after turning on my computer. I spent like ten hours everyday browsing thru Diadem threads.

    Thank you so much to all Diadem staffs for keeping this site alive for five years. I hope I can contribute something to our community by being part of this clan. Sorry that I have limited time to go around moderating the threads as much as I want to. But you guys are welcome anytime to PM me whatever tasks you need help with. Will try my best to get it done ASAP if I have my computer with me.

    Last but not least...

    Long live Diadem! \o/
  2. What a great offer! I've been looking for a contact in SK and you came out at the right time :D

    I will visit SK with three other friends in the first week of July. Cafenne is in my wishlist and it would be awesome if we can hang out there with other TD members.

    Well hey! Let me know how can I contact you on Twitter. We can discuss on the details ^_^

  3. Jiyeon putting Hwa down on camera saying Hwa never read books? Jiyeon hits hwa in Hello Baby? Jiyeon said she won the popularity vote and Hwa got 0 votes? Waa… so many evidences that jiyeon bullies hwa isn't it? Then how about the moment when jiyeon played with iu’s face and when jiyeon kocked iu out in Heroes? Not to mention the moment when Jiyeon sleeps on top of iu also in heroes. Don’t you want to label these as bullies too? Waaa seems like jiyeon is a big bully huh? But then, do you remember the moment when Hyomin stated that Jiyeon’s feet is smelly in HahaMong show and when Soyeon revealed that Jiyeon broke the toilet bowl into pieces? So jiyeon is a bully victim too! Eh wait! Jiyeon also said that soyeon don’t like to wash up! And Soyeon revealed that Eunjung sleeps with no clothes on! Eunjung also hits Jiyeon in one of their show! So what is this? They are hitting and insulting each other on camera? All of T-ara members are bullying each other?? Enough with the crap! I’m telling you guys, this is how close friends are! When you feel close enough to your friends, you tend to joke and play with them like hell. The closer you are, the harsher you’d be. It’s totally different from when you are with strangers, you’d surely be polite and watch your manners. Don’t tell me you never experienced this with your close friends (unless you are totally a loner with no friends at all). So that’s what happened between T-ara, between Hwa and the other members. They’ve been together for years and spent most of their time doing schedules together, do you expect them to still be polite to each other and acted like strangers? I used to be a Cassie, and I can tell you that Xiah always been picked and fooled by others. Trust me, the way they picked Xiah is even worse than Hwa. But we never take these as bullies. Coz we know that’s how close friends are, and we believe in our DBSK. You really take those jokes as bully? What kind of friends if u can't even play with each other? Now that the Twitter issue came out, you assumed that all of their acts towards Hwa as bully. Even when they were just fooling around. Take jokes as bully? It's all about your mindset. Take one negative point, and everything will be negative for you. Of course the relationship btwn Hwa and 6ara may not be as close as the other 6 members, because Hwa joined few years after t-ara debuted. Being isolated might be possible in this kind of situation, but that does not mean that they bullied her. It’s normal if Hwa was always seen on her own when the others have their own clique. Just like in DBSK, when Yunho always with Jaejoong, Xiah with Micky, while Max was always on his own. No one takes this as a bully. I’m not surprised if the haters come from those who know nothing about T-ara, only read the headlines “T-ara bullies Hwayoung” from AKP and jumped into conclusion that T-ara are bitches. Coz they really know nothing about T-ara, nothing at all. But if you are like “Owh I used to be a Queen’s, but I banned them because they are bitches!” Well then, maybe you weren’t really Queen’s actually. Because if you were really a Queen’s, you should have known that Jiyeon is always straightforward, honest, she speaks her mind and she never faked her act. If you were really a Queen’s, you should have known that Eunjung is the nicest person ever, who always praised others, always being humble and always give full support towards the other members. I’m just highlighting Jiyeon and Eunjung because they got the most hates from those antis. But if you were really a Queens, you should have known the characteristics of each and every member of T-ara. And you would never turned yourself into an antis when this issue came out because you know them really well and you know this bully thingy is not true!


    Once a Queen’s, always a Queen’s.

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