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    I am simple, loving, respectful and a hardworking girl.
    Who love to cook but I want to learn more about baking.. And of course eating..hehe
    Playing badmintonl wid my friends and my pet during my leisure time. And also I spend lots of my leisure time surfing the internet specially about T-ARA.
    . I also like to watch t.v,
    Sleeping While Listening to T-ara's Music,
    I'm proud to be an Intenational Queen.=)
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  1. My Jungie really loves cardigan =) while my Dino juat mentioned her mom's choice. So jungie and Dino's style.=)
  2. I think 2000 fans is just too much, maybe around 200 only. lol but nevertheless i love Q-Vietnamese for the support given to T-ara. t-ara fighting.
  3. T-ara really deserved it from all of their hard work, sleepless days and non stop activities. The promotion for the Sexy Love is paid off and it will continue to be sell in Japan. I love J-fans supporting T-ara.=)
  4. Eunjung always wan't peace in her heart. A girl with a warm heart. but i think KEMA continue what their fighting for so that no more harm for the future among the actors/actress that may hurts feeling. EJ fighting. I will continue to pray for your success and for T-ara.
  5. As expected Eunjung sleep whenever and wherever she was. lol Eunjungie the sleeping idol.=)
  6. Unnie pleae be strong. I know you can handle this. And remember wherever your grandpa is he will be in a safe please.
  7. Go Eunjung! You deserved to restore your reputation since you are the most suffered among the T-ara members. And I think right now Five Fingers also suffered the consequences of what they did to EJ since they're rating is continuously go down and lots of drama addicts stop watching because of EJ and also the story plot of May Queen is way better.
  8. Why? Why? PH is not included again I'm just waiting for this and saving money for the ticket. CCM/KKS such a troll. T.T
  9. Wow Philippines, I'm excited but hopefully in the Philippines not to soon since as other Filipino who is a K-pop fanatics is not as familiar than the SNSD and 2ne1. But nevertheless I'm excited waiting for the concert next year hopefully it is not a troll. I'm saving a lot for today for their next year concert. T-ara fighting.
  10. I enjoyed watching fancams, at last I saw Jungie smiling like before (based on my observation). I also enjoyed and appreciate their greetings especially in English. lol But i'm still in the jelly mode to the HK Queen's hmp i hope they will able to come in my country i'm wishing for that until next year hopefully. Fighting t-ara. saranghae Jungie.
  11. I love watching the live performance of T-ara. k fans really daebak. Fanchant so amazing I enjoyed it. All of the audiences really cheered and clapped their hands so it is not recorded too. T-ara fighting. i 'm so happy.
  12. Wow, i love Hongkong Queen's giving the best for T-ara and definitely they deserved that from all the things that happened to them. Anti's please move your way T-ara is gaining much much attention today. Please HK Queens please post any pictures or fancam for the HK concerts. Thank you.
  13. As expected they did these same situation with jungie's removal of the show. I hope I can see Sso again in the HL. D**n netizens they are so bad, they all doing this to ruin T-ara. She's really good in acting as a fresher in acting. I miss T-ara in a variety show, but not this time. T-ara Fighting.
  14. Wow i'm waiting for the next Music Videos for the Sexy love, Netizens just s****d they just helping T-ara to become more and more popular. good job netizens, I'll just laugh in they're faces right now. T-ara is on the top in different music charts. love it. T-ara fighting.
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