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  1. from the look s of it, next to go is Q-ri because she is conveniently at the furthest end of every picture so it'll be for CCM to cut her out of the picture like what happened to Hwayoug...
  2. from my point of view, this is KKS/CCM way of waving an all out war against Hwayoung. the photobook of them in Europe were released earlier this year, if I'm not mistaken. this could be a farewell gift for Hwayoung. why must they re-release the photobook AND edited out all of Hwayoung pictures? this photobook can be another token of remembrance to fans about Hwayoung+T-ARA. but to re-release it, this will only make KKS/CCM look bad, and sadly the antis will reflects it on the girls of T-ARA. KKS will never learn.
  3. saying a mastermind orchestrating the whole are quite a long shot, in my opinion. if anything, only the current 'top' girl group wanted T-Ara out because T-Ara if not the best, WERE on their way in becoming the best girl group in Korea. but, 'ones entitled to ones opinion'. have your say.
  4. please don't tell me there will be another "the staff and the crew stayed up all night discussing the whole situation. eventhough the rest of the cast are against Eunjung's dismissal, the PD thought that this might be the best for all, including Eunjung." don't emulate another stupid ass mistake made by KKS/CCM. #SupportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA
  5. first, they (MBC) said Eunjung pulls out of We Got Married (without even having wedding photo session like other couples) because she wanted to focus on her drama. then, they (SBS) said that Eunjung pulls out of 'Five Fingers' cast without stating exact reason of leaving. then they (CCM/KKS) said that the crew pulls Eunjung out of 'Five Fingers' cast because of the 'current' (yeah, current. it's almost been a month now!) scandal regarding the whole T-Ara situation might hurt the drama and sponsorship deal. in all seriousness, if they (SBS) 'worries' about the sponsorship deals and all, they shouldn't make her (Eunjung) attend the promo and press conference for the drama. that'll just hurt Eunjung even more. now, she will feels like all the misfortunes are because of her. sometimes, Korean entertainment industry can be such an ass. after all, there seems to be some truth on what they said about the 'graceful and bright' Korean entertainment industry. http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/singapore-showbiz/singaporean-k-pop-star-wannabe-drops-114826794.html #SupportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA
  6. so, what now? CCM to take action on SBS? CCM to take FURTHER action on Hwayoung? T-ARA to take action on CCM/KKS? hope for the best, prepare for the worst... #SuportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA
  7. this is too cute. so much cuteness in one gif
  8. I KNEW very well that this kind of comment will come from delusional 'fan'. I know, the girls of T-Ara have been overworked since their debut days. And almost in every talk show they appear, they will make like a 'video message' to their CEO asking for time off from schedule. I wanna know why don't you question their 'determination' or 'dedication' then? Those delusional and immature 'fan' need to take a break. Involving Hwayoung further into the member individual activity will only lengthen this problem. "in order to receive love, you need to give some". What do you expect? If you keep on hating certain someone, you will be hated too. It's because of immature 'fans' like this that causes the girls to keep on being hated and blamed for something they didn't do. Get a life. Hating and questioning their dedication and determination will bring nothing but problem for the girls. #SupportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA
  9. ah, i thought the very word came from Jiyeon's mom and it was a one liner altogether. my bad.
  10. I really hate and despise this kind of comment, especially coming from someone who's indirectly involved with Hwayoung (she's the mother of one of the member of T-Ara, and Hwayoung, until recently, are member of T-Ara). Why must she say something like that? "each members are in panic now and somebody(hwayoung) went to Infinite concert when t-ara member hurt at this time". I understand if this kind of comment come from one of those immature 'fans'. but coming from someone like her, being the mom of 'T-Ara', it's like she's one of those people who's trying to put the blame on Hwayoung. She was first being shunned by the member (well, the did admit that the tweets are indeed directed to Hwayoung and they regretted it). And now, this coming from the mother of the member. This is not fair for Hwayoung. She was KICKED OUT of T-Ara, and being bad-mouthed by CCM and her former CEO for the whole mess. That's bad enough for her. She's trying to move on with her life, and some delusional people are blaming and hating on her just because she's taking picture with her twin and going to a concert? TELL THAT TO THE CEO for terminating her contract! I hope that T-Ara and Hwayoung alike receives just as much love and care from public. Nothing more, nothing less for each of them. If this is a hard period for everyone of them as they claim, then don't put on more pressure and hatred onto them anymore. as the saying goes, "if you want to receive love, you need give some". If the public+people keep hating on Hwayoung, it's no surprise that the other party will be hated too. So be rational, and keep things cool. #SupportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA
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