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  1. You might be right, but his choice of words were offensive and even if it was just an example he shouldn't have mention anyone for that matter. Anyways this T-ara scandal was a bit to extreme and the amount of hate they are receiving is really wrong. I just hope they can continue to be strong and hopefully we can see them back in dramas and variety shows.
  2. Did you really have to bring Big Bang into this???? I am a fan of T-ara and stood by them during their scandal, but I am a VIP and I don't think bringing any other group into this is right. Daesung was unfortunate to be in an accident and GD accepted his mistake. The difference between T-ara and Big Bang and I'm sorry to say this but its that VIP's are a loyal fandom and YG handled things the right way. I know that you are a T-ara fan and this site is dedicated to T-ara but that is not a reason to trash other groups when they didn't do anything to T-ara.
  3. I'm upset with this whole situation. First they say Eunjung dropped out and then the truth comes out that the reason is because of the sponsors. They are so afraid of the antis that they have not thought of the fans that still support T-ara. I hope that all the K-fans come together and boycott the sponsors for the injustice, i would feel bad for the cast but the production and sponsors need to learn a lesson.
  4. I somewhat agree, but if they really wanted the truth they should have met with KKS. They decided not to meet him so now they won't even get his bs answers. As for all those wanting a press conference with T-ara, I think it will be the same as if KKS was giving it himself. T-ara have to follow what ever KKS tells them so I don't think we would get concrete answers anyways. T-ara are just puppets and KKS their master its sad but true. The only way they can get out of this mess is throwing a JYJ and sue him to get out of the company, but I don't know if that would be a good decision right now.
  5. For the first time I agree with KKS. T-Jiyo are asking for the truth and this is as close to the truth as they are going to get. I just hope they send 3 mature adults that can handle the situation and ask smart questions. If they send some teenagers I don't think the meeting is going to work. I'm pretty sure that KKS will come out with some bs like always, but at least T-Jinyo has a chance to ask him whatever they want. I was reading some comment at Allkpop regarding this news and I was upset that mainly all comments were against the meeting they want a press conference. Even if there was a press conference with T-ara and Hwayoung antis would still not believe. This situation is really fustrating as a fan I can't even start to imagine the pain T-ara and Hwayoung are going through. Side note: It's scary that a 15 year old (if its true this is T-Jinyo founder age) can start this war to end T-ara and people actually are following her. Teenagers these days can be really scary and the worst type of bullies are those that hide behind a screen with fake names.
  6. I agree with you she should have respected the contract. He had already warned the members that he would remove any of them if they didn't listen. The thing that bothers me is that he chose a bad time to end her contract. He should have let it slide for the good of the group or wait until the bullying rumors died. I don't know, but the way he manages the group is more harmful than good. I wouldn't be surprised if he started all this drama just to show the members a lesson.
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