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  1. just saw the video teaser. this is gonna be amazing. i like what i have heard so far.
  2. link works fine with me.. google chrome. just placed an order for the album with poster on tube today after clicking the link here.
  3. definitely love at first sight for me. everything is so perfect.. jiyeon and ahreum are so pretty. hyomin and eunjung are so cool!.
  4. so catchy!!! so far everything seems perfect. but i dont want to put too high expectation. dont want to be disappointed.
  5. cant wait!!! but when is the album going to be availble for preorders??
  6. looks promising. cant wait!!!!!! the last picture!! omg so cool..
  7. yay so glad that the teasers are out!!!!!! so far all their songs are amazing.. but tbh... this teaser image is a lil too sexy for me..
  8. really looking forward to this subunit. <333333 i hope its true.
  9. i have just purchased from yesasia from the links here. i hope i did it right for diadem. i bought dangerous love, eunjung and boram version. if there are a lot of pics in it i will buy hyomin and soap bubbles.
  10. i love boram's voice. cant wait to buy the albums. i'll definitely buy the ones with boram and hyomin first. cant buy all at the same time. too much T_T. luckily the prices are not too high considering they are japanese versions.
  11. thanks. love their performance. t-ara fighting!!! cant wait to see you guys in malaysia next year!! <3333
  12. four mvs released in one night. this is awesome.. cant wait!! xD
  13. wow thanks. so glad to see this. at least can clear boram's name on this one although the accusation itself is actually extremely ridiculous. i like that line. so accurate!! omg so happy!! wow i didnt know this.. how come i always miss kpop showcases in malaysia!? will purchase the ticket asap!! thanks so much for this info.
  14. didnt he say that he will take her back if she apologized? although i am not sure if she is truly at fault here but seriously?? u promised kks! btw why must he speak on everyone's behalf??
  15. i feel sorry for them.. nothing has been confirmed yet but everyone is acting like there was really bullying..
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