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  1. Koreans take things seriously...no joke. And I'm Korean myself. I can easily say that I'm greatly disappointed..
  2. Only if I was able get my hands On one of these...sigh..
  3. I'll be waiting for this app to come up on the app store for iPhones. hopefully it'll come out for it!
  4. Jacked up like no other...why do those people even go if they're going to do stuff like that... I hope karma gets all those nasty people back someday...soon.
  5. Yayayayay! Fans were really great during the performance! T-ara! Hwaiting! You guys did a fantastic job!
  6. I woke up at 4 in the morning to see if the comeback performance was up anywhere online and found it on YouTube..and it was damn worth waking up at that time to see it. It was good to see them back on the stages and performing! the crowd also made me happy by the way they encouraged and shouted their chants! Those are the real fans right there.
  7. Haters must have nothing to do in their lives but try to ruin others. tsk tsk tsk... But anyways, I'm REALLY going to look forward to the comeback performance! i hope they do well! Hwaiting T-ara!
  8. Mm I like this one more too! It was less flashy and You could see the parts of each member without having it cut off after like 0.5 seconds
  9. T-ara's on fire with this song! Yatta! I can't wait til for their comeback performance and being able to see them after such a long time!
  10. T-ara has 11 out of the 15 songs in that picture..they are on fire! And their song is in first place. Wahooooo! I can't wait for the comeback!
  11. It's out! YAYAY Drama, dance, and the behind the scenes. I got so happy when i saw them.
  12. My love for Qri just sky rocketed even more..mehehe She must be super caring and loving for the others and the fans!
  13. Dangg strong words... Even though she makes me mad in the drama, she's a wonderful women that's full of great encouraging words
  14. T-ara! Don't worry, I'll love all you guys no matter what! Stay strong! Hwaiting!! Let's hope the good things start happening now! ))
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