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  1. If we really have to dig on this matter again i think it will b best if all of them r given a chance to say something about it. Not only N4 but all.
  2. I just worry that everyone put high hopes for Danee & forgot that she's a 14yrs old girl with little or no experience in entertaintment industry. What if her acting wont be as good as our expectation(or worse)? Or what if the drama flops? I hope ppl wont give her bad reaction by than, hope those haters will not use that opportunity to bash her. Danee is going to be a part of T-ara, no one can stop KKS in doing that, so for the sake of T-ara lets be realistic & not put our hope so high for Danee. But if she's doing great lets give her standing ovation
  3. Im so relieved, now i know dat actually the one who helped SST was a snack.....not KKS XD
  4. Boram's desperately needs to be fed & rested. My heart is breaking whenever I see her lately. She's turning into skeleton literally. :'(
  5. I will only pray for what's best for Eunjung (& the other girls) Idc about KKS & CCM. All I know is that the one who made the decision for kicking Eunjung from 5F deserve the rating falls, the plagiarism fine and this. And all those antis who cheered on Eunjung's leave from 5F now can suck their ****.
  6. Wow Singapore....I have to save money to see them there Fantastic GB must be equally greeted with fantastic fans! Go Queen's! I really love to see them succeed outside Korea
  7. Thank u thank u HK-Queen's! Ur all awesome! Now let's see if malaysian can do better (at least give them the same treatment) the girls deserve it. Let the girls know that they're in better hands with international fans. I hope the best for the girls, keep healthy -especially for my beloved Shiksin, OMG she's so thin- and go worldwide
  8. If they did that for the sake of their precious rating than I hope they learned about what happened to 5 Fingers XD Once again we, as T-ara international fans, considered to be invisible by those fools. I really wish there are more ways to open up their eyes, show them that the girls are loved and deserve better treatment.
  9. The price is said to be 17k won (around usd 15) and its also said that the sales will be done by a japanese web X-( idk which one is it.
  10. How much would it cost? Lets start the pre order
  11. So the article was made up, and the real situation was not that bad. I'm glad for that, Im sure that not all K-audiences were that bad (stupid, childish, narrow minded, etc) or we wont see our girls slay the charts as they do now. But I still feel that the girls will be more suitable for the rest of the world rather in their own homecountry. Let's make T-ara goes world wide! S.Korea (sorry to say) is "too small" for them!
  12. When will those idiots give up giving T-ara bad times? Well, maybe they dont have anything else to do in their pathetic real life, they feel like they're someone important in the net since they are capable of frightening those gutless TV stations. When in reality maybe they are only have miserable life (past, current & future) Anyway I really love how the girls move on with their live & able to stand up again with their comeback. Daebak! Looking forward for everything they'll do next As for the little ones, I hope they will have other opportunities to perform. All the best for the little & "big" T-ara! (did I say big? Ow but thats including u too lovely Boram )
  13. Who are these kids? Are they sort of CCM junior trainee or something? Cant wait to see them perform, maybe Boram can disguise as one of the kids too ;-) she's super cute
  14. Sexy Love is amazing! (Really love Boram there) Either song and both MV's! I hope it will be an all kill soon As for D&N, can't see any reasons why do they have to involve non members in this song. No offense to Shannon & Gavy. These 2 will easily outsing by So Yeon & Eunjung. Or maybe if it was sing by other members Ahreum wont be able to stand out? But hey, KKS can always give Ahreum 90% of the lines to her and use the others as dancers.
  15. Only Ahreum in DnN??? If this is true than KKS must troll badly this time. And what about the audio?? Will it be released at the same time?
  16. Yeah k-netizens doesn't know how lucky they are! Wish I can move T-ara to my country, they'll be adored here. Now after the Sexy Love teaser released, suddenly they gave positive responses....what the heck! Do they suffer from mass amnesia??
  17. Yeah! The girls are back with an attitude! Netizens beware! They will do an "all kill" to the charts! Counting down to 3rd Sept....gosh time seems slowing down. Idc with their english, it makes them sounds cuter for me. Indonesia??? Yess....!
  18. And now.....they questioned the authenticity of the letter! (I really want to curses) What are they demanding now? Another letter with a video of "the making of the apology letter"? Later they will also demand "behind the scene" video too
  19. I respect ur personal feeling, but I should say this to u, hope that u can consider it: 1) If u hold on what KKS said, I suggest u reconsider it for ur own sanity. This guy is a big fat liar and actually personally responsible to Hwayoung dismissal. I think he only said that Hwa can return to T-ara is just for the lip-service. 2) U should accept the reality that Hwayoung is no longer part of T-ara. Like it or not, its the fact. The girls should move on without her, and so are we as fans. I do respect ur feelings towards Hwayoung, as many queen's from my country do have similar feelings like u, but if some fans cant accept this, it will cause a new problem within the fandom itself.
  20. Relieve sigh......its like a heavy burden taken away after reading the letter. Apology accepted for sure, and it's time now to go forward. I believe they learned the lesson and will grow stronger. As for me, a fan, I also feel stronger that I can finally go through this hard times with them, and with my fellow fans here in Diadem and in my country as well. Wish all the luck for their comeback and a promise to be their fan till the end. T-ara fight!!!
  21. She could say this earlier, maybe Eunjung wont lose her role than. Anyway, though I think its a bit late, better than say nothing at all. I hope 6-ara will speak up too. I miss them a lot. Its frustrating when there's no news at all from Boram & Qri.
  22. News always said that A LOT of ppl protest for T-ara girls removal from their dramas etc. Can anyone tell me how much is A LOT? It will be ridiculous to say that a lot means only a few thousands, or say 340k of those stupid T-Jinyos. How many ppl are there in Korea watching dramas? Why SBS and KBS even care to listen to them? How many K-Queen's there? Do they not considered to be potential viewers? I say this is all horseshit and petty excuses from brainless K-entertainment authorities. I cant say Koreans are brainless because those girls I love are Koreans too!
  23. I hope that Eunjung can win the lawsuits against SBS, not only to give her rights/compensations but also to give her back the dignity
  24. The lady deserves 2 thumbs up, while CCM/KKS in reverse, if not to say the middle finger is far more suitable. If KKS is really going to sue SBS than it will be more like "clash of the retards" The way CCM handle this situation is outrageously stupid. Linger on the wounds and expect it to heal itself, while there's a lot of "infection" caused by those netizens. I have no more words other than plain stupid.
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