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  1. She's having a really bad sore throat and can hardly even talk please understand.
  2. Woah this is pretty cool. But it seems he's only interested in N4, will the whole of T-ara be involved as well? I hope no one gets left out please!
  3. Love their outfits for Sexy Love haha and yeah I kinda prefer Areum looking more feminine for this concept too, feels weird seeing her in trousers for this song haha
  4. I can see that dani's more outgoing, she seems to have no trouble making friends and interacting with others. So curious about how her debut will be.
  5. Woah can't believe they really gave it to her. But I hope it motivates dani to work harder! So curious about her skills so far
  6. Hope there'll be eng subbed for these thanks! I'm really curious to watch this after seeing all the tweets about it
  7. I'm curious and excited to see this but at the same time really worried this might have a negative effect instead :\
  8. Hope this will help make the situation better! I just wish people will stop being so mean and feel the girls' sincerity. Would appreciate if its eng subbed!!
  9. Glad to know he's willing to share these positive comments hopefully people change their mindsets soon and accept t-ara once again!
  10. Hahaha so cute! Were these given by fans or just something random that they had with them??
  11. woo! go eunjung. she has the edge in this case so i hope everything will turn out fine after this
  12. thanks to all the malaysian queens for the strong support heh heh so happy for them
  13. So thankful for all these hongkong fans hope they feel the love from international fans
  14. Woo! Singapore! haha im still new to this fandom but I will definitely show support for them
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