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    I love K-pop | Member of Tiaradiadem since 30 Aug 2012 | Hobby's: Making K-pop remixes and a little bit of freestyle DJ | Student ICT | Play Battlefield 3| I love Korean and Japanese food | I read manga | I watch animes | Favorite members are Qri and Areum
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  1. Sick beat! ♫ Alive - Hardwell Remix – Krewella http://t.co/KvCHeXnphl #NowPlaying

  2. I bought two albums, one for me and the other one for me as well ^^ I really don't know why I did that, I was watching that unboxing T-ara N4 video and 30 minutes later I pre-ordered it, two times. I don't regret it^^
  3. Cool performance, *clap clap* This style surprised me a bit, they look so much hotter when they're wearing pants..
  4. Sometimes you have to take a risk and you have to use your head too, that's making you successful. These Korean television networks are too scared to lose their precious ratings percentage and that's why they cut of Soyeon's part, it's a cowardly act of greediness, I really wanted to see more of Soyeon though.
  5. So I can watch another MV in 23 minutes, that's great
  6. they even released a 5th video "robot version of sexy love"
  7. Give Day and Night a chance, don't judge a song without knowing it, you don't even know how Day and Night sounds like. Areum is a part of T-ara.
  8. So are they also releasing the Mirage album on iTunes the same time? I'm really going to buy Mirage when it's available.
  9. I really like T-ara's attitude and from a foreigners perspective: those k-netizens are lucky to even have T-ara. Show them who the real boss is!
  10. Ah Qri unnie, you're the best! If you really are becoming a leader then I wish you the luck you'll need.
  11. Voordat de klok 12 uur slaat & het telefoonnetwerk plat gaat wens ik jullie een super jaarswisseling & een gelukkig 2012!

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