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  1. RT @BossBitchFacts: Some people don't deserve what they have and some people don't deserve what they get.

  2. Oh okay,i've just posted a new post about T-ara confession,check it out

  3. Ohmygod,how to start a new post seriously? i have a news about 'T-ara confession' c'mon help me out!

  4. [12.09.20] T-ara to hold various concerts across Asia next year Despite controversies, T-ara has resumed activities as a girl group not only in Korea, but in the whole Asian market. On the 20th after completing their first showcase in Hong Kong, officials from Hong Kong suggested that T-ara have a large-scale concert with 15,000 seats next time. On the 18th, T-ara met 3,000 local Hong Kong fans with their showcase at Star Hall. All 3,000 seats were sold out but it was reported than over 500 fans showed up outside the venue who were unable to get tickets and singed and danced along during the showcase. An official said, "There was a bigger reaction than expected. There are requests coming in and we're currently talking about having a solo concert for them next year on an outdoor stage." After the lively reaction from Hong Kong fans, T-ara are confident to spread out in the Asian market. After their Hong Kong performance, T-ara has big plans for next year. The official said, "Compared to other idol groups, T-ara has a lot of diversity in their music which is a big advantage for them because it helped develop a large fanbase for them in Southeast Asia. Their likelihood of success in Asia is good and there are plans to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines next year but starting with promotions in Japan. We want to aim for an Asian version of a World tour. 2NE1 held a world tour in 10 different cities across seven different countries and SNSD and Wonder Girls have also held concerts across Asia, the Americas and Europe. T-ara is the next girl group who can possibly accomplish this and will begin with the Asian market. T-ara returned to Korea on the 19th through Incheon International Airport and will continue to promote "Sexy Love" through music shows this week. *** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120920n03235 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
  5. Siapa yang ada Hello Baby T-ara episode?:D

  6. RT @TiffanyWilliam: You can't blame someone for walking away when you don't make any efforts to make them stay.

  7. Aaaaa what to do,really confuse of using this site -_- baka

  8. 100 top KPOP idols Jiyeon ranks 36. Eunjung ranks 55. Boram ranks 58. Qri ranks 59. Soyeon ranks 60. Hyomin ranks 61. Ex member Hwa ranks 62.
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