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  1. Ohhhh. My God, I haven't updated in T-ARA for a long while now. The only one I've seen recently had been Jiyeon for her KR comeback. It's nice to know Eunjung is still going strong
  2. @trolololoise I had more toy guns and RC cars than I had dolls and Barbies. But yes, I did play dolls. LOL, gsto ng… https://t.co/69gIfKMj0d

  3. RT @iveronclarice: filipinos are so "family-oriented" that when another filipino decides to cut off toxic family members from his/her life,…

  4. -- #ThatMomentWhen you're trying to listen to the news on the telly but your neighbour is busy blasting MCR on the… https://t.co/BqP0gNAP7i

  5. Hello @LiveSmart I tried using your self-upgrade LTE Sim but it didn't successfully upgraded the SIM. Said system t… https://t.co/Z7jlB2ey8s

  6. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP https://t.co/Fh0nkXPLB6 https://t.co/7YRNoFPxi3

  7. -- can one still consider LBC Integrated (@LBCexpress) as a trustworthy courier if they had lost the package meant… https://t.co/J0PqwiAy6E

  8. @jhamphee What phone ? Bka mamaya pwede mo pa ma-recover yong mga files

  9. @LBCexpress Hello, I ordered something from Shopee a week ago. Seller said na expect 4 days max to have item be del… https://t.co/yVIr7f0yD0

  10. RT @AmaziingPuppies: I'll just leave this here for your viewing pleasure. https://t.co/E7K5d3pe4d

  11. RT @GalGadot: Wow! Just heard the news! Thank u to everyone who has shown their support to WW in theaters! What an amazing ride this has be…

  12. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP https://t.co/Fh0nkXyaJy https://t.co/7YRNoG78GD

  13. ... they come to my country just when I haven't followed them for a very long time ... AND I ONLY FOUND ABOUT IT NOW ?! OTL
  14. Check out this FREE font lovingly created by the team at Mousse Creative! https://t.co/GRguaq9xXQ

  15. @jhamphee hugot pa more :D

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  17. -- this is just sad .. although, I'm not naive to the fact that a lot of idols do think like this because of the pressure they get from society and the expectations of the people. And to think that Soyeon-unnie almost died in that car crash 2 years ago, this is just really depressing. Although on a side note, I'll keep in mind not to give Soyeon any alcoholic drinks. Things would just go weird, fast! -- huh, I never thought Jiyeon would like those kind of guys .. is this because of Yoo SeungHo ? I've read somewhere [don't remember where exactly] that our maknae lost interest once she found out SeungHo's true colors. Maybe it's because of that that she's now not interested in fellow idols or the flower-boy type in general. Hrmm, either way I'm glad she's just focusing her energy on work. I hope T-ARA's comeback would be a real BANG this year and hopefully, catapult them somewhere close to their previous positions (^___^). [Does that even makes sense?]
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  21. @CptFantasy, I think you're right! This really might be the first time that happened. Even I mistook Minnie for Jungie .. oh, nuts! Minyeon shippers are probably close to frothing to the mouth because of this, kekekekeke. I wish there'd be some Eunyeon interaction in the future though. *wishful thinking*
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  23. -- I've been waiting for this for so long! It has been quite a hassle for me tbh, since I had to drop out of the radar for quite some time and when I came back, Diadem has changed dramatically ! Well not really, but still quite a bit out there for me xD
  24. -- actually, whenever I look at Qri in this picture .. she reminds me of her image back in the past .. around 2009 - 2010, I think ? I dunno .. some of them look like they become younger while others have matured beautifully. If anything, it's Soyeon's that took me by surprise. I actually thought it was a new member they forgot to mention. LOL, either way RamBo looks sexy here .. even though I know they're trying to get away from that concept [just for this comeback, I guess].
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