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  1. thanks for sharing..its nice to see them arrived safely..anyway..Qri is so cute with that spectacle..lol
  2. wow...eunjung will be an MC again..it will be so nice to see her..by the way..that old pics is very nice...
  3. lol...Qri lost in the bubble blowing contest..hahaha..but she did the best.. :)
  4. the Ram family are united..lol..hope their relationship will be better..
  5. Qri's voice is so cute..i can tell her by not looking at her..
  6. quickly sub this video..i want to watch it...
  7. hahaha..her voice is damn cute...especially at the 1st video..the mickey mouse one..
  8. can the video is uploaded at the youtube...???my handphone cant play the vimeo video coz its HQ..
  9. what are you doing cameraman..??You are supposed to focus their performance not their players...i know you are paid to recorded the match but still you must recorded their performances..at least 85% recorded...*sorry for my bad english
  10. the hell man...i didn't see even one of the T-ara member...i dont care how beautiful the girls in the MV but what i want is just T-ara..
  11. "this video is private" can somebody please re-uploaded it..
  12. somebody please sub this video...i really really want to watch it..
  13. this video makes me reminded about areum...areumnie..i miss you so much..fighting!!
  14. thanks for subbing this...i enjoyed watching this video even just 50 sec...
  15. Looks like the leader has uploaded a picture..lol...they are so amazing..T-ara fighting!!
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