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  1. yes, i'm confessing to you... please accept me.... lol

  2. huh? i dont understand.. lol

  3. yes i am... i was once lost... but now... i know... lol

  4. lol you're confessing? HAHA

  5. i love you... i think...

  6. first row? omg tht's so awesomeeeee. i wish i was nearer :X
  7. ok i shall follow you!..^^

  8. i'm Maritess but everyone calls me tess..do you have twitter account?..if you have i shall follow you!..

  9. what's your name?..

  10. haha sure thing :) continue supporting diademsubs~ :)

  11. oh i see. thank you for clearing this up for me! i really appreciate it. and even though ur not subbing this week thank you:)!!

  12. hello there. haha im not subbing for this week's episode sadly hahaha. but normally it'll take around 1 week or so for the whole ep to finish, i guess. but also, you'll have to depend on who's available and how fast we work :)

  13. hi im so sorry for bothering you about this but will u be subbing this week for wgm? if you are how long does it take? i have a lot of patience so im willing to wait! take u guys' time! im just wondering if u r subbing? sorry for bothering u again! ._.

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