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  1. is it available in english language? i want to join a diadem team!
  2. Sso really needs a solo debut soon. I can sense insecurity in her or envy at most. The girl is talented, I hope they give her a chance, MCing gig is good too, since she likes to talk.
  3. I'm guessing the movie isn't mainstream, maybe indie. It's becoming a trend nowadays, asian countries importing actors from other asian countries. Ma isn't an A-list actor yet but I hope this will be his breakthrough. Eunjung is older, he is same age as Jiyeon. I hope the story is good so it will be a huge hit.
  4. Conquer asia! And then the world. And make sure Korea will regret abandoning you. That's complete vindication.
  5. Eng sub soon please. :-D I can hear DIA's song on the teasers, maybe it's the ost.
  6. K'Queens you know what she means. She wants you to all go out on music shows, let your voice be heard, your votes be counted and money be spent on their 'SO GOOD' yet 'SO CRAZY' comeback.
  7. Jiyeon just trolled MBK and posted a spoiler of their own MV in her IG. Anyways, I can't wait to be 'Totally Crazy' for the comeback!
  8. C-Q's jjang! I wish K-Q's would make a lot of noise too, especially on the August comeback.
  9. It's going to be No. 1, charts, sales, downloads, views everything. I'm claiming it.
  10. Thanks for the reply. After getting the head, what is there to do? How to i give it to ej?
  11. I just downloaded it now and I thought I'll be having a hard time solving Qri's but I'm stuck with Eunjung's game, help anyone? I already have the pillow and the tissue stand, but i cant pick up the rilakumma head. It's fun though, thanks for this, any sequel soon?
  12. As long as she's happy, that's ok. I really hope the relationship is sincere and not just some promotional strategy. From here on T-ara will be collecting all the good-looking oppas for their bfs. It would be epic if Boram gets to keep the youngest boyfriend. My eunyeon ship has been shaken though, but it's ok...it's ok. :-)
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