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  1. Eunjung's so lovely I'm jealous Amber, I want to stand with Eunjung -3-
  2. OH! It's nice pic Now i must buy this album booklet is beautiful
  3. I'm jealous HK fans I want T-ara come to BKK in Thailand again I miss them
  4. I wanna be this woman in picture Boram is so cute ><
  5. Boram likes a baby She doesn't like 27 years-old girl >< So lovely
  6. Jiram moment >< They hug together I want this moment again and again
  7. Soyeon has pink horns, Hyomin has too!! They're so lovely I like Hyomin wear horns ><
  8. Soyeon is pink evil but this evil is so cute not scary ><
  9. in first picture, Hyomin's so sexy she's hot every time we saw i want to go to hong kong now!!!!
  10. Boram likes a doll she looks younger than her age that's so cute I love u Boram >< love u forever
  11. eunyeon moment >< That's so cute when they are togetther oh I love eunyoen now i'm jealous hongkong fan -3-
  12. at the left of this photo there is a young girl hahaha
  13. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh Soyeon are very sexy Jiyeon and Hyomin have a cute moment ><
  14. ohhhhhh i'm so jealous this fan Qri are very pretty
  15. Eunjung's so lovely >< her smile make me happy all the time ><
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