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  1. RT @dodo: This cat has dinner with his mom every single night — and loves posing with their meals ? https://t.co/U0HxCqbD98

  2. @shhhpest bha mana ja....u want movie?..nnt aku include..

  3. RT @egabdraws: I just wanted to thank @MamamooTrans for all these years of hard work and dedication, you guys are truly a gem to the fandom…

  4. RT @ShaykhAzhar: If 40+ dogs were slaughtered today in Gaza, the international community would swiftly intervene and the perpetrators would…

  5. RT @yourfavidol: [eng trans] 180506 moonbyul’s memo ??as expected?? the songs and performances there was really a lot to learn from? ??…

  6. RT @jollie_mar: CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE THIS MOCHI IS????? ? ctto p.s. today is the first day of Solar’s solo concert hooray! #DontTou…

  7. RT @2younggirls: i just love how attacked the radio djs and sik-k were by wheein's voice...and it was just a one liner from 부담이돼. "it's lik…

  8. RT @OH_mes: Mamamoo Moonbyul will make her solo debut in May with a single Music video with Red Velvet Seulgi filmed yesterday The song w…

  9. RT @wheeimple: THIS WAS HILARIOUS Eric Nam prepared some coffee and BYUL'S FACE AS SHE TASTES IT LOL yo she was 93% about to spit it back o…

  10. RT @RBW_MAMAMOO: 오늘 인기가요 1위와 함께 #마마무 ★#별이빛나는밤★ 활동이 마무리되었습니다! 별이 빛나는 밤을 사랑해주신 모든 분들께 감사드리며 함께 울고 웃고 고생해준 우리 무무들 정말 고마워요♥ #마마무무_포에버 #STARRY…

  11. RT @ajplus: The world lost one of the greatest minds in astrophysics this week. Here's what you need to know about Stephen Hawking. https:/…

  12. RT @2younggirls: WHY ARE THEY SO BEAUTIFUL https://t.co/ZEI8CS2BAw

  13. RT @EmrgencyKittens: Tuck me in please! https://t.co/NvgyNuaULC

  14. RT @soompi: Happy Birthday to #JungJoonYoung! #HappyJoonYoungDay! ? Catch up with him: https://t.co/0ybcrcdw6M https://t.co/cBp4HQNY2t

  15. RT @CokeCaster: 홍대 자이언트 자판기 속 #마마무 로 말할 것 같으면~ 코카-콜라와 함께한 2018 평창! 뒤따라와 뒤따라와 Follow me~ #CokePLAY #CocaCola #2018평창 #자이언트자판기 #MAMAMOO ht…

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