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  1. Nice gifs! This reminds me that I really loved the styling for this era. They all look so great. :3
  2. They did so good. I really think this pair's vocals are underrated outside of the fandom, so i'm glad that they got to perform :3 Also, i heard they were invited to go on again. anyone know if it's true?
  3. They look so gorgeous! I can't wait for videos
  4. Soompi was selling the chairty items too (they had their number nine costumes!!). They all sold out in under 30 minutes
  5. You can hear the song a bit on their music bank teaser >_< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3chqPN58Yw
  6. oh no don't cry jiyeon D: (lol) i'm really looking forward to this >_<
  7. Haha this sounds awesome. I'm now looking forward to this more than big "blockbuster" games
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