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  1. No T-ara for MAMA 2015?

  2. RT @BoRam_0322: 하늘이 파래서

    참 다행이었던날.. http://t.co/3KqROPtdMT

  3. RT @QriPretty: 전영록선배님의 40주년 콘서트 (아버님 역시 쵝오!)

  4. RT @_transbot: [TRANS]hyominnn: A surprise visit to father's concert..


    #FatherIsTheBest#AwesomeMemory http:/…

  5. Wait, hyoyoon came to Vietnam before?

  6. RT @_transbot: [TRANS]@BoRam_0322: Mensions. I’m reading them all.

    I value them all and I’m thankful for them♥♥

    I’m hungry..♥♥ sobs https:/…

  7. Please don't share the dress picture among T-ara or we may have a group disband news later :v

  8. RT @_transbot: [TRANS] @BoRam_0322: http://t.co/6A9NV2gPe8 Insadong which looked even more graceful after it rained. I (cont) http://t.co/N…

  9. RT @_transbot: [TRANS] @BoRam_0322: http://t.co/VN3ed9eO8C I was talking with my dad on the phone after I came back from (cont) http://t.co…

  10. RT @b89530: “@Hyomdot: ㅉㅏ증ㄴㅏ http://t.co/NUbG1d7s56” 왜 짜중이가 났나몰라...

  11. Tell me again that Boram is older than me and almost 30 because I still cannot get it...

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