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  1. yeah, i want to ask the same thing since i also don't understand... oh, thank you.. good luck admin.. we'll wait till that time..
  2. how do i know whether it is already being fix or not?
  3. Old Username (Name you login with): nur hidayah abdullah New User Name: nur hidayah abdullah Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25426-varietyinterview-130731-t-ara-niconico-live/?p=425753 Donor: No
  4. omo, i didn't get to watch it since i'm at school when it is air. can somebody re-upload it? pretty please??
  5. finally, she's back to SNS world. its been a long time since she last be on SNS. i hope this is the start for her to be on SNS again. :-) my December start with a great thing ever. 131201 eunjung back to SNS..
  6. deabak. woah, sooo excited.but dec is too long. hurm, just can't wait to see their solo stage especially eunjung.
  7. they look so good. eunjung with her blue dress and pink backpack. its rare to see our ham eunjung so feminine at the airport. btw she look awesome.
  8. they are gorgeous in this photo batch.. eunjung look beautiful in this photo.. jiyeon so cute.. and finally there you go, 6-ara.. their dorky make me smile. hope they will stay happy as the are now. their precious smile make queen's all over the world smile too.. t-ara fighting !!
  9. pretty leader...princess is always a princess... glad she active on twitter now..
  10. they will not comeback until later yet they comeback in 2 days.. now i understand what is the meaning of CCM hint in f-ve dolls mv.. t-ara new begining...
  11. the performance is at japan or korea? woah, pirate t-ara
  12. woah, thank you so much for sharing.. now, watching this make me want to see the full concert more and more. hopefully, the dvd will be release soon. thank again for sharing..
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