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  1. 11 hours ago, red4summer said:

    Dear, I meant I can't attach a zip file in a post here. I asked you to PM me your email address so that I can send over the zip file. Or you to advise if there's any free site which I can upload to? Let me know..

    oh ok, sorry :P
    can't you like put it in a drive? Or mega or anything alike.
    Since I suppose the Zip will be bigger then 15mb...

    But If you can just send it to me then, nicke_1992@hotmail.com

    I'll be thankful if you can send me those 100+ Interview photos too :D

  2. Well it does has similarities, the clothing style, the hair style... but it must be a no-make-up Jiyeon
    and well there was only two persons "aware" of the camera, one on the left side (don't know why she covered herself)
    and the other is "Jiyeon-look-alike"(maybe she was aware because well she's Jiyeon)

    But as craZy says it's weird if Jiyeon was there and like no attention and Pictures online!

    Well looking at it she's there with a friend so it might be that she was there cheering on a gamer friend!

    Well T-ARA is now endorsing that Chinese game so maybe she got interested ;D

  3. I don't know how to accept this endorsement!


    I am a hong kong/chinese(but born and raised in Sweden) so listening to the chinese version of Cry Cry really makes me CRY! Coz It's SOOOO Bad!!!!!!


    And the cosplay clothes... Jiyeon and Eunjung-unnie looks good, The rest of the unnies are acceptable

    but Hyomin is like a mannequin, anything on her looks beautiful, but they succeded making it impropper!


    Well I have never liked the chinese commercial and things soo...


    Anyway the only thing to do is accept the reality, and I do thank and have gratitude towards these brands in China that help T-ARA make a great earning and spread their name


    T-ARA FIghting

  4. This drama is so sad!!!

    Love Jiyeons acting, my heart ached and I litterally  cried with her :'(


    But didn't they have a kiss scene? I thought I saw one on those Behind-the-scene pictures...


    Well anyway, thank god this time Jiyeon didn't have to die at the end but her lover did :(

    Can't wait for her movie with real life boyfriend, which I thought was suppose to air in october...,

    but hope it will air soon enough


    T-ARA Fighting, Jiyeon Fighting!!!

  5. Hi, it wasn't that hard to find out.

    First of all it stands on the top of the video "t-ara - good person"

    Second, you can see that Jiyeon and Hyomin looks "very young" and "very thin make-up" so should be around their debut.


    And I've watched it a few times before so I know...


    So it's Good Person (OST for drama Cinderella Man) with T-ARA as Five members (before their official debut) Here you go:

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