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  1. Thank you guys for reviving my donor status and username! Now all that's left is the reputation points ... I believe I had over 170 But no hurry on that ... lol Cheers!
  2. I just noticed that my posts have been retrieved but my account is now under the new user name. I was hoping to get back the old one - fem2femme. Any possibility of that? Also, what happened to my donor status? I had tonnes of trouble logging in again today so I had to use the forgot password option and only after clearing the cache again did it work with the new one sent to me. Now I want to change my password but it won't let me.
  3. Old Username: fem2femme New User Name: fem2fem Donor: Yes Sorry, I've had a long day and might be slow to process instructions but anyway, I couldn't remake an account as it says my old username is taken but the e-mail address was available. Tried searching for my old username but no results. And yes, I tried clearing my cache but that didn't work. Really appreciate if my old account could be restored. Thanks in advance!
  4. Had a bit of a slow start trying to figure out what to do but it was great when things starting falling into place Awesome job guys! This kept me busy for an hour which says a lot since I have a short attention span. Even forgot to have dinner but now I'm craving for cake ... 2 thumbs up for the brilliant creators! Can't wait for the next installment!
  5. I've managed to finish making payment at Yes24 but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a Daum account! Is it me or is that tutorial link a little outdated? I'm seriously confused and frustrated now
  6. Drama version = the best 36 seconds of my entire day! It looks SUPER fun and I'm in love with the song already! Why does the 29th seem so far away?
  7. Jiyeon's pout in the 2nd pic is too adorable for words!!! Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter .... Sigh! If I faint, please do not resuscitate me until April 29th
  8. I've been waiting for news on Bunny Style's sales figures and this is just AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! This is definitely impressive for their FIRST DAY! *throws confetti*
  9. Does anyone know the extent of this? I hope it's not too serious ... the girls can't take another blow to their image right now I'm steering clear from allkpop as it's nothing but a garbage dump filled with maggots and reading those ridiculous comments sends my blood pressure shooting through the roof.
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