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Status Updates posted by red4summer

  1. hello and hi!

    1. DerpT_araQueen


      hi! Actually, I'm a newbie here but I've been Queen's since 2012. And i'm struggling with the site... i don't have a lot of friends xD

    2. red4summer


      LOL You're still better than me. I'm newer than a newbie and needless to say, I'm struggling with everything regarding T-ARA, especially their past.

  2. hi hi, just in case you're interested, i just re-updated the following post with more images and with quality. http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/29359-fantaken-t-ara-at-jeon-young-rok-concert-0308/?p=474111

    1. Dognybba


      Nice, man! Thanks lots! I'll give them a look when I get home ^^

  3. So, You're here (too)? Welcome but it sounds weird. LOL

    1. lσνєαcтισи


      why?, holidays; errorholic is killing me! :wakeup:

    2. red4summer


      Is it? I wasn't online for the last 2 days but I'll visit later.

  4. thanks for the info.

    1. Dognybba


      haha not a problem, man ^^'

    2. red4summer


      May I check with you on the following? (Thanks!)

      Can I safely delete my shared image which has been replaced by a Gallery link?

    3. Dognybba
  5. Hi, thanks for replying. It looks like it is the same everywhere. Forum only comes alive when there is activity.

    1. craZy


      Hey there! Not a problem~ Yeah I suppose so. I guess when the girls are finally catching a break, so are we haha. At most we got some regulars who still hang around and fanfic readers. Hopefully things will get bustling again with the release of Little Apple. :)

  6. Thanks for the "welcome", "Bro In Crime"! HahaH

    1. lethern


      Uh, my notifications were almost all set to off, I couldn't see you posted a comment ^^ Welcome, don't rush yourself, enjoy!

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