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  1. I'm sad that it won't be a full-length album and that Shinsadong Tiger won't be the composer T.T But I'll continue to hope for the best. Soyeon once said she did not intend to get married and wants to continue activities with T-ara. I hope that all 6 members will continue to be together, maybe under another company who'll treat T-ara better than anyone else. Hopefully Jiyeon's supposed comback will occur in the later half of this year and not get forgotten ._.
  2. Yikes, her first solo got delayed because of the Sewol tragedy (not complaining about this though, this is perfectly reasonable) and now her second solo is delayed again ): Hope it at least doesn't get postponed until next year.
  3. Did they specifically express such a sentiment? So, I think people are hating on hwayoung even though it's her sister who sent the nasty messages, because of how she faked/exaggerated her injury to skip a concert. In school, most if not all of us would have experienced that one slacker member in a project group. Such a slacker is usually detested. Ask yourself, would you be 100% forgiving and 0% angry at such a member? (Also, if I were the slacker in a group I would accept that the group hates me. I'd be surprised if they didn't. I would not complain about 'determination is not enough' or make lame excuses. But anyway.) These two scenarios are very similar. Hence people are hating her because her poor work ethic was the start of this whole controversy.
  4. But OJH and Soyeon weren't said to have broken up due to "busy schedules". No one knows the real reason.. Tbh I don't trust official statements from MBK so I don't even believe it lol, at least not until there's evidence from other sources.
  5. It's a nice picture, she doesn't look bad in it, but I'm a little dismayed nevertheless, mainly because it's too revealing and when others see me looking at this teaser image they'll go all exaggerated "AH AH WHAT U LOOKING AT" which annoys me If they indeed photoshopped her top off (it's so unbelievably shady omg), I just hope that Hyomin did give consent for that.
  6. Makes me wish to play an online multiplayer with Hyomin I hope T-ara comebacks with a gaming concept one day!
  7. Agreed. They should have people who are actually fluent in chinese to write the lyrics, or at least vet the lyrics. Same goes for japanese songs as well. The chinese lyrics weren't sung very accurately but I think it's okay. Chinese is probably Eunjung's 4th language, and it's her first time singing in chinese. I wonder why they didn't release a full chinese version though?
  8. My two favourite members <3 They pulled off the song so well and they kinda look like a couple too hehehehe
  9. A live solo version! Now this is really what you'd call a solo. Eunjung rocks!
  10. Just to confirm - which is the video where the views are counted? The one from MBK or 1theK?
  11. She looks great (as always ) but isn't her name Elsie?
  12. I found the video is disappointing for a couple of reasons - it's short (Eunjung's voice is there for a grand total of one minute), I don't see Eunjung at all, and some random person is lip-syncing Eunjung's lines, which makes zero sense. There may be another longer video. Probably a drama version? In that case I'm looking forward to seeing Eunjung's acting there
  13. This mv is so misleading lol. I've never seen such a large proportion of angry comments on a youtube before o.O The song sounds promising, can't wait to watch her live stage
  14. Urgh, can't stand those people even if they ask about the issue, are they gonna listen? They just want to ask and ask the same thing over and over again as if they're stuck in 2012 -.-
  15. Short hair. Huu ♩ Gosh Boram is too adorable!
  16. I've been waiting for such an announcement ever since Jiyeon's solo debut. Less than a year later, it's finally Jungie's turn Hope they'll let us hear her raw voice without it being masked by excessive autotune or meddling or too much backtrack. Personally I'm also hoping for at least one ballad track.
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