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  1. i don't know :(

  2. i'm from Vietnam :)

    are you Vietnamese ?. you know T-ara fansite for Vietnamese : http://www.t-aravn.net/forum/

  3. hi you

    glad to see you

  4. oh, that's great. now you can relax and enjoy T-ara comeback activities XD

    and me.I'm on summer holiday.i finished my final exam almost 1 month ago,but July 11, i must come back to uni to learn.it's so short summer for me T.T

  5. hi u^^

    how is your entrance exam ? you did it well right ? ^^

  6. happy birthday to you, my friend

    best wishes for you and wish all of them dream come true

    tika fighting <33333333

  7. hi my friend tika :D

    long time no see, how are you ?

    just 2 days to your important day <33333

  8. hi my baby :">

    long time no see, i miss you :(

  9. i'm still open my twitter account :D

    a few days ago, one of my favourite singer replied me on twitter.haha ^^

  10. hi tika baby,long time no see ^^

    i need your help ^^

    you go to this topic :http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15260 and add this link into post #1: http://www.mediafire.com/?61ficf1m7c372

    I uploaded this show to MF for many ppl can download it easily ^^

    thank you

  11. maybe my inbox is full,so i deleted some messages :D

    now can I help you :D ?

  12. My real nickname is Kasarainie ( and call Kas for short ) ^^

    actually,idk you and Jchan are close.you know,u are my best friend in here and she is my lovely sister,

    so it's great to know that u and she are close ^^

  13. hi friend ^^

    my nickname is really weird, "kas" and "pelas" are only randon name that I don't what they mean.haha

    hey seem like you and my sister Jchan are close :)).you call her bbJ rite :o

  14. hehe, i'm comeback

    this week i'm off for the final exam so i have many time to onl ^^

    hey, tika call you bbJ *jeolously*

  15. thank you ^^

    hey,I envy of you coz your note.i wanna a note with korean like that *gruhhh*

    p.s: call you Candy or Hongie like my tika :-?

  16. oh honestly using "phao" is dangerous but funny ^^

    i don't use it but my friends use it and i copy them.hahaha

    yup i'm busy with my school work :(.it's so stressful.and thank you ^^

  17. my name is in Viet but translate it to English mean "rain" so in twitter I use username ( maybe nick name )is Kasarainie so i wanna call Kas for short :P

  18. oh, i don't pay attention,your SN color now is orange.that's great for you ^^

    p.s: orange is my the most favourite color :P

  19. don't worry, i won't disappear without comment ^^

    in summer i will have much time so i can online more often

    you will have final exam in June,so "tika hwaiting" !!!

  20. oh,over 1 month for you to practice for entrance exam.

    it will be a tired month

    hwaiting ...

  21. i call you baby cuz u r my sister.haha

    i will be busy with exams in next month so i can't talk with you T.T

  22. woah,your thought makes me shy *red-face*

    i don't leave u alone ^^

    so i will be busy in next month with the exams.so sad T.T

  23. oh you are at 9-grade.it's so tired for you to prepare for in the real exam.

    try the best and good luck :D

    when will your real exem start ?

  24. I was in my home and my school.haha

    I have some stresses in my life and my school-work but now it's seem like ok.now I can control it ^^

    you miss me, really ?

    I miss you too <333333

  25. hi candy ^^

    it's a long time since the last I talked with you.

    how are you ? ^^

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