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  1. I like how they styled Boram maturely and Jiyeon looking younger~
  2. go ladies! knetz will hate on this again LOL anuways still looking forward to QBS in Japan and the whole group comeback
  3. Atleast, T-ara has the decency to say thank you after all that ungrateful act They go IDGAF like robots
  4. Actually, I'm more disappointed that Day and Night (which is a ballad song) won't be performed by T-ara. I was hoping it be like Cry Cry (Ballad Version) before Cry Cry or Don't Leave before Day By Day. And that is more upsetting for me as a fan :| Not that I disagree with Ahreum, Shannon and the other one. It's just that I don't see the logic why it is included at T-ara's album and promoted as one song at T-ara's album when it wasn't like that before :| I feel sorry for the kids though. I'm sure they practiced hard. And also for someone who had the "Little T-ara" idea~
  5. What is he 4 music vid? The drama, the dance version, the robot version(?) and the bts is that it? Oh not all T-ara at Day and Night?
  6. I will wait patiently And I love that photo posted there~ Makes me reminisce about "T-ara" Back when they weren't still that big but were happy and peaceful
  7. I don't agree with her just because I favor the remaining T-ara members but I really like her attitude about this. Seriously, everyone's acting like they know what happened and became bias on all sorts. Although I understand that all PD and stations are all after viewers ratings, they can not simply put a person off. It's kinda assuming things that may not be true. And what if it's not? Can they compensate for all the humiliation and feelings that have been hurt? Kim Hye Eun is a professional in matters like this. I would rather applaud her And the whole Haeundae Lovers as well
  8. I don't know what will happen but I badly miss T-ara and I really want them to start anew this September. KKS has become a Midas in reverse so let's give up on him.
  9. Well this writer has a good perspective. SBS PD can learn something from her ^^
  10. Seems like EVERYONE'S really AGAINST BULLYING. Good example you're showing -.-
  11. If that statement is translated properly then I can say that Ji Seyeon is one hell of a greedy person. Seriously? Does she need to say If EUNJUNG? And wow to SBS! I hope Five Fingers will flop. >.<
  12. WTH Midas KKS? What now? I really miss T-ara and I'm wishing that these TV networks will trust them rather than removing them
  13. What the hell did just happen?! How can you replace someone when the drama already started? Gee..have pity on T-ara!
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