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[12.07.09] Video HD - T-ara's "Day by Day" (Dance ver.) MV


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This mv pleased me. Introduction haha, so dorky. Hyomin, Hwayoung and Eunjie nailed it. :3

Speaking of the mv itself.. WHY so many cameras flashes and changes! We didn't have more than 2 secs fixed.. geez!

Anyway, I really liked the solo shots parts and the little part when they are wearing the white outfit, this cam angle was very nice. Then the outro, Hyo/Hwa/Eunj nailed it again! :3

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As much as I love T-ara I can't seem to enjoy this MV. The flashing of light is irritating to the eyes. The scene change is too frequent that I couldn't see their pretty faces clearly.

And the biggest problem is Boram, Qri and even Soyeon get too little screen time! I can barely see them in the MV. Even though Jiyeon is my favorite but she gets too many close-up shots, more than all of the other three girls combined. This is really unfair. Addition of member is not an excuse as other groups with more members have no problem in this issue (SNSD, After School etc).

Seriously, CCM should stop messing the girls already :/

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I expecting so much for this mv. but it's not like I think... <_<

If they give more member close up and minimize the flashing effect, It'll be much better... B)

I need More Qri....... :(

This flashy thing happen again, really make me feel like smashing all the flash light..Last time was 'I'm crazy because of you'. Now is this.. Gosh.. If they can make Gangkiz's MAMA in simple way, why not this..? Aishiiiii...

Anw, I will still re-watch it.. The dance is nice and T-ara is so pretty!!!! Hope DBD part2 will be out asap /:

I agree with you.... I think gangkiz mama have better dance mv..... but this mv still has t-ara in it and that means it's the best... :D
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i hope they can stop doing this on t-ara mv..

i really wonder how the editor can create such a mv..

the MV itself also quite bad, zoom in out on SAME SCREEN.

I hardly see Boram & Qri. And one screen i saw Qri want singing other ppl line..?

it was totally a RUSH project. T-ARA is so popular in Korea yet produce this kind of MV is quite a shame.

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Jiyeon is too sexy in this video....her poses..just too sexy >.<.. ^^

The dance...its getting better everytime I see it and now I like it a lot....its not just like any other dance routine of kpops group.....the dance is kinda unique... ^^

Too bad the dance MV is not good...bad for the eyes....just cut the flash off and it will be a much better MV....

But still....the girls are awesome.. ^^

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