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[12.07.26] Video - Fancam at Budokan concert


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Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung are singing choo choo train... they're good and "kawaii"...... :wub:

Boram and Qri sing AKB48's Aitakata?? jkt48, indonesian akb48 sister group is already sing it but I think Qri is better :D

Areum voice are so heavy..... ^_^

Soyeon neechan...... She's just great.... :o

Dani still haven't any feeling yet when she's rapping and I think T-ara would be kind like..... I don't know. Dani rap just like american teenager idol..... :huh:

Where's Hwayoung??????? :huh:

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woaaahhhh !!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

i love eunjimin trio the best, their hip hop style so coolllllll B)

eunjung looks like a naughty boy lol

qri and rambo so cuteeeeeee, i love qri and how she dressed like a cute princess, really suit with her style :D

no wonder soyeonnie is the best vocalist in T-ara ^ 3 ^ and she looks HOT

areum's solo was good, but her rap parts in TTL (i don't know she was rapping or shouting) ..... really not good :/, or maybe she just too excited, she still can improve :)

dani's rap was quite good but not impressive. i still think eunjung, hyomin, and hwayoung are the best T-ara rappers

i am very enjoyed with T-ara TTL remix version too, awesomeeee....(eunjungie, boramie, hyominie daebaakkkk *0*) though areum was kinda ruined it at the end, but well nevermind

nb: need a subunit !!!

eunjimin trio, hwabori trio, soyeon solo, eunjung solo, jimin duet, dareum duet

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All the special stages were really nice ... Qri and Boram's one is my favorite ... Qri and Boram were so energetic ... they fit the theme very well ... soyeon ... shes soyeon .. nothing is beyond her abilities ... hahaha

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