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[12.09.02] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love MV ( Drama Ver.)


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nice one~! ... whhooaaa ~! sword wooshing sooooo cooollll (plus the blue eyes:) )

...tsk.. so both of them died? tsk.. hahah~! bitter sweet ending.. :D

..but then again.. only T-ara can make this kind of Music Videos.. really.... their trully one-of-a-kind.. unique :P

...so NEXT would be T-ARA'S EFFECT? ... hahaha~! waiting for it :lol:

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I am really happy that the drama version of the MV is out. :)

I was really worried last month that I would be left hanging without knowing how the story in Day By Day ends.

But now it's finally here and I love it!!!

I love Eunjung's outfit. So cool. I also love her acting and sword fighting. Blue-eyed warrior FTW!

I really hope the song tops all charts.

I hope that in their next single, the other members get a chance to appear in their drama MV too (Boram and Areum still haven't been in any drama MV).

T-ara Fighting!!!

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