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[13.02.24] Audio - T-ara's "Bunny Style!" and B-side teasers


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[13.02.24] Audio - T-ara's "Bunny Style!" and B-side teasers

"Bunny Style!" (Short ver.)


"Bunny Style!" (Full preview edit)


Soyeon and Areum's "Sign"


Boram and Qri's "Shabontama no Yukue" (シャボン玉のゆくえ)


Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin's "Dangerous Love"


Soyeon's "Ai no Shi" (愛の詩)




Credit: taraweironi, nguyen nhu @ YouTube
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WOAH i like all the song !! i really cant wait for the release! Soyeon's voice is superb even though her solo song is a heavy ballad, i really like it.!!

Boram's solo song is also very good!! i also reaaly like it.

Actually i really like all the song!! hehe. i cant help but to replay all of it.. hehe


"Banisuta, baby Banisuta" :)

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Totally ♥ Soyeon solo and Sso-Reumy ballad duet =)

*IMHO the best and 3rd best vocals in T-ara! 2nd best vocal is ♥ Eunjung ♥

Now I really wanna hear Areum & Eunjung solo teasers =p~ upload pls anyone? keke..

Rammbo and Qri songs just fit their image concept well.

Don't really interested for Dino/Min/Jung trio song..but I have to remind myself that this is only a part of the song and the full song might be better.

But..I do interested in how on earth they could recorded the song in a showcase without Hyomin?

Did she finished filming her movie and join the rest of the band on day 5? @_#

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What do you expect from Leader Sso, the main vocalist of the group? :wub: I just love the song if it's not even a minute long.The reason why she's my bias is because I fell in love with her ballad (of course,ballads is her forte!) and hearing that song makes me love her more. :P And her voice in Sign is awesome too.

EunJiMin on the other hand.....was a bit bland?Not really feeling anything.Gotta give them more time since this is only a teaser.

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Oh, I'm totally loveee the intro/beginning of banisuta, when I first hear the intro I thought "woah this is gonna be a sexy hot upbeat song, but then the chorus flips away my prediction on to the floor XD , the chorus makes it sound so much cuter rather than hot/sexy feeling XD

Actually I love all parts of banisuta except the 'banisuta' chorus, I love the "baby bunny style" part more :3

Soyeon's songs kick ass, both mellow-kind of songs, it will suit as a drama soundtrack sooo well in my imagination.

Boram and Qri's song sounds pretty good, it gives a refreshing feeling because it's so bubbly happy and peaceful XD

But since I'm an upbeat-hot songs maniac, at this moment my favorite is Dangerous Love. Can't wait for 20th March! :P

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