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[14.01.20] Video HD - Pops in Seoul - Jiyeon won most beloved Kpop Star by young kids


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President Dino.

Does that mean kids enjoys dorky characters? I mean, you can't get dorkier than Dino.

Jokes aside, it only shows how versatile Dino can be. She can be a sexy goddess as well as the president of elementary school students.

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Jiyeon is the only dinosaur existing that is too cute to not be loved by people.

She's so beautiful to the point where you became a fan, but started to adore her more when you see her dorkiness in action along with

her adorable laugh.

Park Jiyeon unnie,

I'm proud to say you bring out the smile of every Queens in the whole world.

I'm a happy kid!!



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Wooahh.. President of the Elementary School Students- Jiyeon Park. Should I call you Pres Dino from now on? aigooo~ <3 <3 Well... pres dino deserves that award... if you could just imagine how cute and playful our Dino is .. hwahahahah~ :D this makes me proud to our Dino even more ..... :D

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