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[OTHER] Jiyeon '1min1sec' Official Photo For TOM N TOMS Coffee (04/11)


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I did a little digging as I'm sure most of us here must've never heard of this shop, here is what I've found so far.

Taken from tomntoms.co.th:

TOM N TOMS is the global food and beverage franchise company from Korea and with more than 380 outlets over countries in the world including United States, Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

And this is from their korean website:


Notice the red box, it counts up to 40 page with 10 outlets per page. I'm counting about 397 outlets if this were true. Jiyeon's ads is most likely only exclusive to Korean outlets but I gotta say 397 coffee shops? That's not bad at all. At least we know Tom n Toms is a big household name.

This is only a rough estimation so it might not be 100% accurate, please take it with a grain of salt.

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I'm from Singapore and I've been to a TOM N TOM'S Cafe before here. The crowd is decent on weekends and it seems like quite a place for people to hang out too. I'm would say there's a chance that Jiyeon's solo debut coffee mat would be here too! I would go down to check it out if it's not an hour's long train ride and a fair distance walk... :lol: Nevertheless, happy to see that her 'actual' pictures are actually not nearly as sexually suggestive as her teaser pictures! Having faith that her actual performance and stuff would be the kind of sexy that she's able to pull off and suitable for her image!

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Here is the hi-res scan. CR: unknown, TomnToms Coffee

thank you for sharing the HQ scan!

She's looking so flawless! Goddess yeon <3

The tattoo is quite intriguing, i wonder if it's a real one or not

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Considering T-ARA's frequent use of temporary tattoos, and how the tattoo features prominently in this photo as well as the teaser MV, it's likely fake.

Fake tattoos often are very clear often more clear than real ones, because they were printed by a machine and not a human.

Mmm no. I don't think the tattoos used by T-ara (or adults in general) are the ones printed by machines. They are just painted by an "artist" on the skin, using non permanent inks and brushes instead of the needle machine used for the real ones.

If i'm not wrong, at the end of Day by Day you can see Eunjung (or hyomin) being "tattooed".


It's not a tattoo but it's almost the same.


Anyway i bet that tattoo is fake.

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