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[14.09.05] T-ara donate 1500 kg of rice to the Angel Headquarters


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Today on the 5th; Boram, Qri and Hyomin visited the Angel Headquarters on behalf of T-ara to make a donation of 1500 kg of rice. The Angels Headquarters is a non-profit organization that seeks to aid people, adults and children, in despair through more than simply monetary donations. They seek to provide hope and warmth to people's hearts.

T-ara's generous gesture comes with the upcoming Korean holiday, Chuseok, on September 8th. "It seems I'll be able to spend the holidays with T-ara's warm donation," a thankful father says.

The donated rice will be delivered to the facilities that houses single mothers and their children.

We thank our girls for their charitable act and hope we can follow their example and provide hope for all those in need.


Source: Top Star News

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