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[DISC] Tara Haters


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Why K-netz still cant get over t-ara, i think its almost 2 years and they still hate t-ara. every time i see each of t-ara song out but still bad on chart, i just think that why they still cant get over it.. i just dont understand, with their newest song "Little Apple" is still bad on chart. but why?? and i just curious why the view on utube is so bad, when they were famous the view on utube is really amazing, is it because they just famous at korean and because korean hate them now, they became like that. 


sorry for my typo english,


i'm glad to hear or read any feedback from u all Queenss!!

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Okay, you got me to come here from the box so I might as well...


Their scandal really hit a sensitive nerve from every korean and their grandmother, bullying is a big issue in east asian countries which you wouldn't really get if you're not from any of the said east asian countries. People would never look at them the same way again for a long while, maybe even ever...


It doesn't even matter at this point if something really happened or not, people have exhausted every excuse, speculation, explanation or opinion over the course of the incident, but what it does mean is they will always be the "bully group", it will follow them until well after they disband or start families. What people (Queen's) fail to understand or at least try to accept is that it will be very very VERY hard for them to get honored as number 1 anything right now, aside from the possible backlash whatever show allows them to win is gonna get, people just won't vote for them, they would vote the other guy just to make sure they don't.


The early weeks after the scandal, people had the right idea, be thankful that they didn't disband right then and there, enjoy their music, enjoy whatever they do even if it doesn't get it's deserved recognition. Important thing is they're still there for us.


Lately though, Queen's have become somewhat entitled and demanding... which is understandable to a point, but it sometimes borders around blind delusion. Don't get me wrong, nothing would make me happier than to see them win something again, but realistically speaking... I wouldn't hold my breath.

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yup , maybe i wouldnt understand that ever because im not from the east asian country. it just i want to talk with someone about this although i know all that. u know it just relieved when someone here try to convince me more. I hope there is some green light for them in future. it just sad to see how a great group that produce a great music not appreciated at their own country. 

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Well Little Apple is hardly being promoted in Korea. After the initial announcement of the song, there wasn't much that followed up. There were no real teaser photos aside from what was being released on Weibo but that was more catering to China fans. Not like those regular teasers they'd release after so and so days. Then teaser videos were being revealed just days before the release; to be honest they didn't really put much work into promoting in Korea (e.g compare Number 9's pre-promos to Little Apple).


All that said, we know how they've been affected in Korea so even with full swing promos it'd still be up in the air how well the song would do. Though if everything post-scandal is able to do decently enough, they can at least manage that. However I wouldn't be surprised if Korean hardly know the song exists as it seems it's not their focus anyways since they plan to promote the song in China primarily. This one Little Apple stage in Korea feels more like a treat just for the home fans.


In regards to the Youtube views, I have yet to check the latest numbers but we're also recently dealing with the problem of multiple official uploads. Sugar Free currently has 2.9mil views on KTMusic (official distributors), 2.5mil on Coremidas (official company channel) and and 2.7mil on DispatchSNS (leaked MV, featured on most news blog). Altogether that's 8mil+. That's pretty darn good still. Little Apple was just released so it's of course gonna need time to pick up (on Youku however, China's biggest video site, haven't checked recently but they're past 8mil.)


Final note, lets not worry about charts and such but just continuing our support for the girls and enjoying their music. Through our continuous efforts perhaps we can see to better results but lets not get our hopes up either way. Lets just be there for the girls most of all.

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Like Soyeon said in recent interview, the most important thing is to gain public recognition than to win #1. Though we are very much concerned for the girls, we can't control what others think. They choose to live in the past but we (and fans yet to be) look to the future with T-ara. In contrast to them and despite what happened and didn't happen, we are fortunate to be the Queen's. The girls happiness and well-being are our priorities, everything else is secondary.

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'Little apple' is promoted more in China than in Korea so it was bound to do poorly. Korea is getting to be a pretty dry well so they're mostly going after chinese audiences(smart move imo). As for youtube there are multiple official uploads for the same video, for god knows what reason, and most people aren't going to check the same video on a different channel just to give the girls extra views. Besides, chinese, target audience, don't use youtube that much since it's blocked in most of China. They have their own site, I forget the name.

Oh, and about all the hate the girls get. They're still better off than a lot of other groups even after the scandal(2 of them even had solo debuts) so things aren't really that bad. 

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in my opinion

maybe knetz have another favorite girl group

example snsd or what else,

as we know t-ara song is really catchy and overall nice song,not rubish song (y)

so knetz envy with t-ara work

and knetz shortage article so with pleasure to make t-ara image down

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