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[15.08.03] Video - T-ara 'So Crazy' Comeback Showcase


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I'm loving all the songs in this mini-album. ^_^


T-ara is primarily a dance group but when they do ballads, they rival all of the "vocal" groups out there. They truly are chameleons of the K-pop world, there's no concept or songs style that they can't tackle. :D


This new ballad, Reason Why We Broke Up (not sure if the translation is accurate :P), really shows how much improvement each members had.  JiYeon, Boram and Q-Ri sounded amazing.  HyoMin slayed as usual, EunJung (my ultimate bias...who also played the harmonica B)) floored me with her angelic voice and SoYeon put to rest all of the doubters and demonstrated why she is the Main Vocals of T-ara. :D


Can't wait for the MV for So Crazy to be released, I'm really hoping they could somehow release an MV for their second song " For You" and they should really do a dual promotion with either of these song with So Crazy...they're simply too good to not be performed during their comeback. :)


T-ARA Fighting!!!

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"So crazy" MV is so funny. Especially the last when their dreams come true. So happy for my girls  :wub:



Love all their songs. But among all these songs, I like ballad the most.


Listen to this new ballad song (the name is Why we separated, right?), who can say they can't sing. Qri and Boram's voice sound very good.


I always know Jiyeon is good at ballad song. But in this song, it is the best, very amazing.


And always make me surprised, Eunjung (my bias, hehe), she even played harmonica too. That harmonica sound make the song more attractive.


I hope they can perform this song more along with the promotion of the title track "So crazy".


T-ARA fighting - Love you all ! ! !

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