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Winners of the Diadem 'So Good' Album Giveaway!


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Our Diadem 'So Good' album giveaway has come to a lose and it's time to pick the winners!

Selected at random from only posts made after November 9th on the forums, the lucky two Queen's are...





Congratulations! You will be messaged shortly on how to receive your album.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway. Don't be down if you didn't win, you can always look forward to more in the future!

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I received the package yesterday. A small photobook with cd. Thank you


So happy <3



I received mine today :D I am so happy, staring at jiyeon's printed picture all day  :wub:  Thank you so much!  <3


So jealous of you two right now. Congratulations on winning though!! Can't wait until I can afford my copy <3

I will stare at their pretty faces all day long. 






TRuly a gorgeous face. 

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