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Regarding circulation of rumours and malicious comments about T-ara


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This is MBK Entertainment.

MBK Entertainment agency has reported and is taking legal actions against the various malicious comments and circulation of rumors on various sites, SNS pages, etc. about our artists, including T-ara.

All this while, we have been thinking that these comments are a form of expressing concern/attention about our artists and did not take action. But as time passed, we realized that the circulation of rumors and malicious comments have went overboard.

Therefore, to prevent our artists from receiving psychological harm, our head office has decided that we cannot stand by and watch, and is starting to take action.

MBK Entertainment will have a strong confrontation towards all personnel, including those who started the rumors about MBK’s artists, those who assisted in the spreading of the rumors, be it as a secondary or tertiary source, those who wrote malicious comments that are personal attacks to MBK’s artists, and any other types of relevant attacks.

From now on, we’ll be monitoring in real-time and if we are to find out any similar cases, legal actions will surely be taken and we will not take it lightly.

Meanwhile, we are currently handling and reviewing the materials/documents that have been sent by fans.

From now on, we hope that all fans will send all the related content of any circulation of rumors, malicious comments, etc. in the form of PDF files to our email legal.mbk@gmail.com.

Thank you.

- MBK Entertainment


Source: Official Daum Cafe

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