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[16.06.22] Hyomin reveals her personal beauty and health tips for Cosmo Beauty

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[16.06.22] Hyomin reveals her personal beauty and health tips for Cosmo Beauty



“When I was young, I used to just pay attention to beauty that appeals to the eyes. So I used to be obsessed with outer beauty-care, always concealing my flaws or maximizing my merits. But now that’s not the case. I have come to realize how important natural beauty is.” - Hyomin.

This is our second time meeting, right? Your body seems to have gotten better compared to the last time, do you still work hard to keep in shape?

Haha. Back then I used to work so hard to keep in shape, to the point where I used to do crossfit. Right now, I can’t exercise as hard as I used to back then, but since it’s summer now I’m trying slowly to go back to keeping in shape.

Can you tell us specifically what you’re going to do? Obviously, your goal will not be about losing weight.. 

No matter what, health is the most important! No matter how much I want to keep in shape, if I can’t keep myself healthy or if I’m psychologically depressed, then I will not be able to do anything. Also, given that I used to exercise a lot in the past, nowadays my body remains in shape with just minimal everyday efforts. For example, when I eat too much during dinner then I will make sure to go home walking for that day. That’s why I always go around wearing loafers or running shoes.

You were drinking coconut water while getting your makeup done. Does that also have to do with keeping your body in shape?

I have a bad habit of not drinking much water. However, drinking sufficient amount of water is necessary for a fit body and nice skin! As I was worrying about this, I have come to learn about coconut water. It was delicious so ever since then I started ordering and drinking it everyday.

During the last time we had an interview with you, you were having an energetic diet. But now, it feels like you have become a wise person when it comes to keeping in shape. Do you agree with this? 

As long as I’m living as a celebrity, then I can’t not be watchful when it comes to keeping in shape. However, I believe that I have to naturally develop some habits for keeping fit, if I don’t want it to last short. It’s going to be hard of course, but I’m trying to slowly put that into practice.

Other than this, is there any of your past habits related to beauty that you regret now? 

During my early 20s, I used to only pay attention to pretty makeup, I was really ignorant when it comes to cleansing. I regret having that habit, so now I try as much as possible to erase my makeup and allow my skin to breathe whenever I have time. Even if it’s only for 1 hour.

I guess it’s because you lead a healthy life, but you have such nice skin. What’s your secret?

Lately I started to use a pure vitamin C serum. Once I apply it to my skin, I start feeling my skin getting tight and radiant. Now that I do skin cleansing frequently, I started getting more attracted towards mild watery products. I can also use them easily inside the car, which I like about them.

On days where you have an important filming, like today, what kind of special care do you do? 

I use Mikimoto facial mask to supply my skin with nourishment and moisture. Just with this alone, I can really feel my skin looking different. I lately purchased a large quantity of it through home-shopping.

At last, anything that you hope for?

Now, I want to find my own happiness outside of ‘celebrity Hyomin’. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just a trivial happiness. Of course, I will not neglect my duties as T-ARA’s Hyomin either.


Source: Cosmopolitan + scan by Starhunter910

Translation: FY!T-ARA

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