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[16.09.22] BLEU MONT's T-ara Concert Cancellation Notice + Warning from MBK Ent. regarding false tour packages


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[16.09.22] BLEU MONT's T-ara Concert Cancellation Notice + Warning from MBK Ent. regarding false tour packages

On September 19th, T-ara's Seoul concert was deemed cancelled. Concert organizer, Bleu Mont, have offered the following statement:

"Hello everyone.

We are BLEU MONT, organizers of T-ara's concert that was supposed to happen on 8th October 2016.
First of all, we would like to bow our heads and sincerely apologize. As hosts and organizers of the anticipated performance on 8th October, BLEU MONT would like to inform you that the event will be cancelled because our miscommunication with T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment regarding the schedule, venue, ticket sales opening, etc and we're writing this to express our deepest apologies.

Because of the short preparation time and issues related to the performance, there were confusion and miscommunication between BLEU MONT and MBK so inconvenience has been caused to the fans who love T-ara and we are very sorry.

We are also deeply apologetic to the fans who love T-ara for surrounding them with disappointment.
We would like to assure you and promise to try our best to assist T-ara to be able to quickly return to their usual schedules.

To the fans who had bought the tickets, we will try our best to refund the money back to the fans at the soonest.
We would like to express our apologies once again for causing so much inconvenience to everyone.

We are sorry.

Sincerely, BLEU MONT's executives and staff"

Further more, MBK Entertainment has recently warned fans of false tour packages being sold by unrelated organizations.

"Hello everyone. This is MBK Entertainment.

Currently, there are some tour-related products (T-ara Fan Meeting) that are selling on some Japanese tour agency sites and they are not endorsed by MBK Entertainment.

Please take note so that there won't be situations where you will end up buying tour-related products that are not by us or T-ara."

Please be cautious Queen's.

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