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[16.11.06] T-ara share their thoughts on junior groups, “Twice and GFriend? We’re not thinking about winning.”


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[16.11.06] T-ara share their thoughts on junior groups, “Twice and GFriend? We’re not thinking about winning.”


It’s been revealed that T-ara is making a full-group comeback after about 1 year and 3 months. Their upcoming new song TIAMO is very different from their usual strong concepts. It is a strangely weaker medium-tempo song where they've reduced their usual strong image.

Making a comeback with such a drastic change, there is great reason to have anticipation towards how well they will do this time. But T-ara said, “we're satisfied to just spend time with our fans through this time’s activity.” In a recent comeback interview, T-ara revealed their honest feelings about their upcoming competition with junior idol groups (on music shows and charts).

Hyomin explained their upcoming new song, “our songs were always focused on the choreography but for TIAMO, the choreography is really easy. All the members wanted to say, “this is it?” but we all think that performing a choreography that is not so strong for once might not be a bad thing. Isn’t ‘peaceful/calm T-ara' something new for us to show to everyone?”


Eunjung laughed while saying, “TIAMO is a good song to listen to while working. You can leave it on while cleaning the house, driving on the road or when at a store. Please listen to it a lot.”

T-ara will be facing off with other junior girl groups like Twice, Black Pink and more. Eunjung said, “Twice, GFriend and other junior girl groups are really cute. Just looking at them will give you an endorphin rush. I think it will be exciting to meet and greet the junior girl groups whom we've only seen on TV so far.” Jiyeon also showed her liking towards Red Velvet.


Source: XSportsNews

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