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[16.11.15] Relay Talk! What if T-ara were to pick up their ideal type idol’s wallet by chance?


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It’s been 8 years since T-ara’s debut and they are now considered veterans of the performance stage. But in front of love, they became ladies with a lot of worries, shy and filled with contrasting charms.

Recently, they participated in TV Daily’s ‘Relay Talk!’ segment and gave cheerful yet serious answers to the question “what if T-ara were to pick up their ideal-type idol’s wallet by chance?”

The most positive member was Eunjung. Her answer was, “first of all, I would find a lucky 4-leaf clover. I would then coat it prettily and reveal that it’s from me. I will write a message ‘all the best’ and ‘I’ll cheer for you’ with the 4-leaf clover and send it back to the person with his favorite food.”

Qri said, “I’d return it. I’d probably write a cute message on a small post-it and leave it where his identification card is at. I’ll reveal that it’s from me but won’t return it personally. I’ll get help from someone to return it.”

Boram didn’t know what method to use to get close to her ideal type. She would use her manager to reveal her presence (to her ideal type idol). She said while laughing, “I would probably go ‘woah! Daebak! Incredible!’ and after being shocked for about ten minutes or so, I would hug the wallet while thinking of what to do next. I would think of what should I do so that I can meet him. But while having these thoughts, I'd probably not know what to do because the matter at hand would be very complicated. So I’ll probably talk to my manager oppa about this first. Even then, I would probably secretly tell manager oppa, ‘this guy is my ideal type. You’ll have to return this back to him and let him know what I want to say too.’”

Soyeon said, “I’d be troubled by it. Honestly, I wouldn’t be greedy about the money inside the wallet but if I picked up the wallet of my ideal type idol, I would feel a thrill thinking whether it is fate. But whatever thoughts I would have, I wouldn’t be able to think of how I could be lovers with him through the wallet. So I’d probably first talk to manager oppa and discuss with him how to return the wallet.”

As for Hyomin, she said, “I would probably not reveal who I am and just leave a message. For example, I would write ‘I’m a fan of yours’ or ‘I’m watching you well’ etc. and get manager oppa to return the wallet to that person’s company.”

The only person who revealed her relationship among the members was Jiyeon but her answer was very flat. She said, “I’ll probably need to return it, right? I wouldn’t leave any traces (of myself) and just leave it in the mailbox. If not I’ll bring it to the police station.” Her ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards her ideal type idol could be seen.

T-ara released their 12th mini album ‘REMEMBER’ and started their promotion activities with title song ‘TIAMO’ since November 9th. ‘TIAMO’ is a song by producer Duble Sidekick. It isn’t an exciting dance style song by T-ara’s representative standards, but a warm and refreshing medium-tempo song, which is gaining traction in Korea right now.


Source: TV Daily

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