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  2. RT @dahyunnator: this is so https://t.co/JNZSEXar8k

  3. RT @hj5317: 티아라 프리뷰!! @QriPretty @taraeunjung1212 @b89530 @pjy1234 https://t.co/GUrmS95gYz

  4. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/eY5nBhwam4

  5. RT @hyominidot: 170923 Three Friends Talk&Concert 프리뷰!! #hyomin #효민 https://t.co/Z7iZxtkEw9

  6. RT @ArisOverOndiet: Cr.อ้วน https://t.co/fuVsbeVsvo

  7. RT @jikadeudeuh: T-ARA https://t.co/otQGNvvq6H

  8. RT @zertt_lense: I'm...should i applaud eunchae omg...she's....talented ? https://t.co/gfuvvfE525

  9. RT @Anas_zaidi: We can't help everyone , but everyone can help someone ? https://t.co/ryTABTeapC

  10. RT @poopheyy: Fan: Unnie, recommend me an American Drama Jennie: Game of Thrones

  11. RT @kidmakk: เรามักอ้างความหวังดี เป็นเหตุผลในการเอาแต่ใจ บางครั้งความหวังดีควรเริ่มต้นจากการรับฟังความต้องการจริงๆ ของอีกฝ่ายก่อน

  12. RT @sensible_k: 170923 멜로디포레스트캠프 #슬기 푸스슬?? https://t.co/dtia27sxGa

  13. RT @karmanhon: 170618 T-ARA "What's My Name" 2nd Fansign ~ Jiyeon Part I of III @pjy1234 https://t.co/XlQj8OYhQc https://t.co/cMYhV33dhe

  14. RT @tarasnaps: [HYOMIN INSTAGRAM(2V)] hyominnn: Ordinary people 2/2V https://t.co/Ie0B5UcLDu #kpopsnaps https://t.co/Zv9gIdKzqZ

  15. RT @bangstanmutuals: follow whoever rts to gain bts mutuals❤️

  16. What can we do for @TheView to get @JedediahBila back lol?!?! Paula is sooooo boring! Whoopi, Sunny, Sara, Jedediah, and Joy!

  17. one person followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/jruOuSA75u

  18. Kok cakep sih https://t.co/lHiJQrWVUN

  19. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/dxkNP8H6Pk

  20. RT @chantellesyf: Hyomin wears Doraemon face mask in public with a shirt stating "ordinary people". NO HYOMIN, NOT ORDINARY. https://t.co…

  21. nghe HAT hát giọng ngọt quá không biết phải làm sao huhu =))) ko chịu nổi =)))

  22. RT @Spotify: Here are (over) a million reasons why @ladygaga is everything ? #GagaFiveFootTwo https://t.co/k4uGAjdHXy https://t.co/oiLWd9B…

  23. RT @AustinMcbroom: Looking like somebody fiancé... https://t.co/Osi552Xj4r

  24. @iwatatesahos @witchyseola I find this not to be true . . .

  25. Building stability in relationships requires your sincere comm... More for Capricorn https://t.co/wfVusPhuQi

  26. RT @jiyeon_no1: 170920 #Jiyeon #지연 #티아라 playing game - Soribada awards ?? Credit: songdip https://t.co/5SNCRSRrwk https://t.co/kAmsy1Vyo4

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